Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Happy Girl!

AnnaClaire is adjusting so well. Even though she is developmentally behind where Allie was when we got her, she is ions ahead emotionally. She is so quick to give us a smile. The amazing thing is that she has been sick almost the entire time that we have had her and she still has been a dream. She has had a lingering ear infection, RSV and Walking Pneumonia. We just finished the last round of antibiotics, her ears are better and her lungs are clear. Yeah!

She could barely sit up when we got her and now she is starting to pull up on things. She is very strong. Amazing how quickly they develop with some love and attention.

New Blog

Since our travel journal has expired, I have created an ourAnnaClaire blog. I will be working on it to get our travel pictures and some commentary posted. The link is at the top of this page. You can see pictures from Allie's trip on the Loosclan website. The link for that is also at the top of this page.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We are Home!

We arrived home with our little sweetie on Friday, December 16. We have been running low on space on the Loosclan website, so I am going to try to utilize this blog to keep friends and family updated on what is going on with our family. We had such a wonderful repsonse to the our Journey to Me journal. I hope to keep this site active so it might inspire others to consider adoption and help those who are waiting to see that it really does happen.