Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Baby has a MULLET!

Allie decided she needed a little trim. She was sitting right next to me when she did this and I didn't even realize what she was cutting until too late. Ugh, right before her birthday too. It's way worse than it looks in the pictures. I think I am going to cry...

And yes, those are Mongolian spots (and a cafe au lait spot) on her back.


LaLa said...

I would make a TN joke but I am sure you are not in the mood : ( Oh, and her spots are really faded, how long did that take? Annslee has a big dark one right above her booty crack know I have to document that one and she has one on her arm that looks just like a thumb print. When we first met her I thought someone had grabbed her arm too tight and I am sure others think that now.
Have fun going to the hair salon to work this out.

mommy24treasures said...

ohhh Lisa... I am crying with you, yikes! You were sitting right
beside her?!?!?! That little toodlebug!
Surely they can do something cute. Can't wait to see the fix.
She is beautiful no matter what and thank God hair grows.
Maybe she thought you needed something to blog about :)

Becky said...

OMGoodness! Off to comment on the new 'do.