Thursday, March 29, 2007

Row #4 Got The Big 'X'

Yeppers, today I marked off the last day of row 4 and made a big 'X' at the bottom of that row. That means we are at day 80. Honestly, I thought that we would have LOA at this point. I guess you just don't know what to expect with China adoption. My dear sweet friend Tonya is at day 99 and she STILL is waiting for her LOA. She's handling it better than I would be. If I get to day 99 and I am as sane as she is, it will be a miracle. She's my hero. I have seen TAs coming in today and that is great news for those families and their children. My friend Bonnie, whose precious Anna is at Shantou with Brady, should be getting her TA any time. I pray that it comes this afternoon and that she is soon on her way to her sweet girl.

Dear Lord, we trust in your perfect timing. Please look after our little ones while we wait.

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LaLa said...

I am hoping you get news soon..sorry about another X. I have to tell you I LOVE that photo of him the yellow shirt with those two sweet bottom teeth showing : )