Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yes, Today IS the Day!

We have our LID! January 8, 2007. Let the countdown 23!

Could Today Be The Day?

I have seen 2 TAs posted from 2 different agencies. Could this mean that CHI will get a TA package today? And if so, is our LID in it? Today could be the day!

Sunday, January 28, 2007


The last few days I have finally found peace over this whole LID thing. Of course I can't just sit back and let myself be at peace so what do I do? Dream about it! Last night I had a dream that we got our LID and it was February 5. I will SO not handle it well if that is the case! I read about one agency that had people DTC on 12/4 and 12/8 that got LIDs of 1/24...I won't deal well with that either. I am really hoping for 1/12 or before. Surely we will find something out this coming week.

I heard that one agency is telling it's WC clients logged in in November that it will be 4-5 more months before they should get TA. Yuck! We are 2 months behind them and I thought we only had 4-5 months to go.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

More on China's One Child Policy

China May Lower Fines for Poor Who Violate One-Child-Only Policy

By Maureen FanWashington Post Foreign ServiceWednesday, January 24, 2007

BEIJING, Jan. 23 -- Fines imposed on Chinese who violate the country's one-child-only policy may be reduced for the poor, a top family planning official said Tuesday, as authorities stressed a broader approach to population management.
The announcement came a day after state media reported that many Chinese believe it is unfair that the wealthy can "buy" a second child by simply paying fines for breaking the one-child-only rule for most urban couples.
"Rich people and poor people, they are all equal before the law," Zhang Weiqing, the head of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, told reporters in Beijing.
"With very poor families, we may reduce part of the social compensation fee or waive the fee, depending on the actual situation," he said. "As for their other difficulties, we will help them by all means, including providing compulsory education and medical care."
The announcement appeared to be part of a broader attempt by officials to put a more human face on China's much-maligned family planning policies. As the most populous country on Earth -- China has 1.3 billion people -- the country is struggling with an aging population, a growing rich-poor gap, unemployment pressures and continued reports of family planning abuses, including forced abortions and sterilizations.
"Our priority is to invest in human development -- to change from a country with a huge population base to a country with rich human capital," Zhao Baige, vice minister of the family planning commission, said last week.
This month, officials released what they said was their first "population development strategy research report," assembled by hundreds of scholars. That report credited China's national family planning policy with preventing the birth of more than 400 million people over the last 30 years.
The policy has also contributed to an imbalanced sex ratio; allowed only one child, many couples choose to abort female fetuses, in keeping with the traditional preference of the Chinese for boys. According to the population report, there are 118 boys for every 100 girls, and the gap is expected to grow. By 2020, if the current birthrate remains stable, marriage-age men will outnumber women by 30 million, a "serious hidden danger which may lead to social disorder," the report said.
A survey conducted Monday by the China Youth Daily and the popular Web site found that 61 percent of respondents thought it was unfair that wealthy people could essentially afford to have more babies by paying fines. One-third thought officials should develop some punishment other than a fine.
That fines might be eased for the poor shows the great attention the government is paying to public opinion about the rich-poor gap, said Ma Mingjie, director of the Social Research Center of the newspaper, which conducted the survey. "They really want to take some effective measures to ease the tension."
Zhang, the head of the family planning commission, called for the improvement of living standards and the status of women, a social security system for the elderly and stricter laws prohibiting sex-selective abortions. But he did not detail any new major policy changes.
Instead, he and Vice Minister Wang Guoqiang emphasized the complexity of China's population policy, based on residency and other factors. About 36 percent of China's families -- those who live in cities and some rural areas -- are "encouraged" to have just one child; 53 percent are allowed to have a second child if their first baby is a girl. Other families, depending on where they live, are allowed to have two children and, in rare instances, more.
"Actually our policy is a more multidimensional policy," Wang said.
That policy has been abused frequently as local officials manipulated it for financial gain.
In areas where poor, rural families have one child or only two girls, local governments will now give those parents a pension or reward, Zhang said. In an indication of rampant corruption, Zhang said distribution of aid to the poor will be managed by different agencies that will monitor each other.

Friday, January 26, 2007

'I wanna ride'

AnnaClaire pointed to the Walking Rock Farm carrier this morning and said 'I wanna ride'. I asked, 'You want to ride?' and she replied, 'Yesh' which is her way of saying 'yes' and it is so darn cute! It seems like she loves the carrier as much as mommy!
And for the record...per her wishes, Allie will now be referred to as 'Strawberry'. Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow wasn't totally off the mark.

China Rises

I have been buying documentary DVDs about China for the little ones to watch when they are older. Before Christmas, I bought the 'China Rises' DVD set for $34.99 from Right now they have it on sale for $7.99. Great price. We haven't watched it yet so I can't tell you anything about it but I wanted to pass along the great deal.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I love this thing!

I finally was able to get a Walking Rock Farm Hip Carrier on ebay. I love it. I put AnnaClaire in it and did chores for about an hour while she snuggled with me. She loved being in it. I bought it for the trip to Brady and also so that I could 'wear' him once we get home, but I think it's going to come in handy with AnnaClaire as well.

Oh yeah...

GO COLTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Story About China's One Child Policy

China won't relax 1-child policy By ALEXA OLESEN, Associated Press Writer
Tue Jan 23, 8:18 AM ET

BEIJING - China has decided not to relax its one-child policy, although a top family planning official acknowledged Tuesday the policy has accelerated the nation's growing gender gap.

At least 118 boys were born for every 100 girls in 2005, said Zhang Weiqing, minister of the National Population and Family Planning Commission. He called the imbalance, which could deprive many Chinese men of a spouse in the coming decades, a "very serious challenge for China."

China reported the ratio as 108:100 in 1982 and 111:100 in 1990.

The easy availability of ultrasound to determine fetal gender has also added to the imbalance, as many women choose to abort baby girls in keeping with China's traditional preference for boys.

"This problem is a reality of country life in China," Zhang said. "We have a 2,000-year feudal history that considered men superior to women, that gave boys the right to carry on the family name and allowed men to be emperors while women could not."

Yet after a review last month, he said, the government decided to maintain the policy, which dates from the late 1970s, and limits urban couples to one child and rural families to two children.

Dropping the restrictions now would risk a population surge as a baby boomer generation born in the early 1980s becomes ready to start families, he said.

Another factor in the government's decision is that many migrant workers living in cities have been evading restrictions by having two or more children, he said.

Beijing says the one-child policy has helped prevent 400 million births, allowing China to conserve natural resources and contributing to the rapid economic development.

Zhang said the government has committed to solving the imbalance within 10 to 15 years with education campaigns, punishments for sex-selective abortions, and rewards — like retirement pensions — for parents who have girls.

In some regions, the figure has hit 130 boys for every 100 girls, while the average for industrialized countries is between 104 and 107 boys for every 100 girls.

China is the world's most populous nation, with about 1.3 billion people — 20 percent of the global total. The government has pledged to keep the population under 1.36 billion by 2010 and under 1.45 billion by 2020, Zhang said.

While popularly referred as China's "one child policy," the rule limits only 36 percent of the population to having one child, said Wang Guoqing, the commission's vice director.

Fifty-three percent of people are allowed to have a second child if their first baby is a girl. Poor farmers with a two-child limit account for nearly 10 percent, while ethnic minorities allowed to have two or more children make up 1.6 percent of the total.

The complex policy reflects the greatly varied economic and social realities in different Chinese regions, Zhang said.

He said the government has begun studying the impact on China of a generation of "only children."

Since the policy began in the late 1970s, nearly 100 million children have been born who will never have siblings.

"China's only boys and girls are certainly not as scary as some people say, like those who call them 'little emperors' or 'little titans' who can't tolerate authority," said Zhang.

"As I understand, the majority of them have had a healthy childhood," he said. "You can see for yourself. Young people today are very energetic and creative."

He said they were likely to be better educated and more talented than children from bigger families, because parents expend more resources on them.

"They are much better off than I was, being one of four kids," said Zhang, 62. "I envy them."

Monday, January 22, 2007

God's Timing

Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him.
Psalm 37:7 NIV

I know that I've done lots of whining about my LID. I want to have it, I really do but I also know that it really doesn't matter. God led us to Brady. I have no doubt that it is His plan for us to bring him home. And so I know that it will happen in God's time...and it will be perfect. Will that keep me from thinking about my LID? No. Will it keep me from whining? Probably not;) But I am confident that no matter what, things will happen as they should.

While I wait, maybe I should think about working on some projects that might be harder to do with 3 little ones underfoot!

Note to Self

Using an agency 3 time zones behind you can make you crazy. We live in East Tennessee and are on Eastern time. Our agency's China office is in Utah and on Mountain time but the main office (where everything from China is sent) is in Washington State and on Pacific time. It's a little after 10:00 am here and just after 7:00 am there. They tend not to get packages until late afternoon their time, which makes it early evening here before they make calls (unless it is the next morning, as was the case of our PA). So...IF some TAs were to come today (which is highly likely based on what has happened with the SC forms and other agencies) our LID would probably also be in the package and we could find out about it tonight of tomorrow. Please, please, please let it come this week!!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

It's Official

Hitting refresh until your finger cramps does NOT make your LID arrive any faster. BUT...just in case...I think I'll do it for a little while longer...

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Six months ago today...

We learned that we had been chosen to be Brady's family. Wow! What a day! I can't believe it has been 6 months. I also can't believe it might be 6 more before he is home. We're coming baby, we're coming!

AnnaClaire's First Time Out

because she hit her sister upside the head with this...

She's not big on being affectionate with Allie (see picture #3 in the Sisterly Love post), so the make up hug was worse punishment than the time out. Notice Allie's red eyebrows from crying. AnnaClaire has hit her before, but this time she really clocked her.

It's been 40 days...

since we were DTC. SURELY are logged in by now. This wait gets harder every day.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Sisterly Love

If you are wondering, that is blue lip gloss around Allie's mouth (thank you Grandma and Grandpa).

Monday, January 15, 2007

Anna Banana Pear Bear

I am hoping that one day I will get a picture of her with a CLEAN face!

My funny girl

The other morning, I was rushing around to get out the door with both girls. I didn't have time to apply makeup and my hairdo consisted of an elastic band pulling back my stringy hair. Allie looks at me and asks, 'Are you going to wear a hat?' I tell her that I am not and she says, 'You need a hat to cover up the weird.' I guess I know who not to go to for a self esteem boost.

Where oh where is our LID???

We are still waiting to hear our LID. I really believe that we are logged in, we just don't know it yet. I hope we hear soon so that I have a number to count from. Weird, but it just makes me feel good to know we have our place in line.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The first pictures that we saw of Brady

I am trying to do catch up and current posts so please forgive the scatteredness (is that a word?) of my posts.

Check out our cutie. These were the first pics that we saw of him. They were taken at about 9 months.

Lightning really DOES strike in the same place twice

With AnnaClaire's adoption, there was an issue with when we were logged in. The dossiers from our agency that were sent 8 days after our groups dossiers were logged in before us. I spent a good deal of the wait for AnnaClaire being angry and heartbroken over that fact. Apparently, I didn't learn the lesson that God was trying to teach me because it has happened again. Someone from our agency that was DTC 9 days after us received a super speedy LID and we still wait. I never hear of this happening and now it has happened to us TWICE! For the first time in this journey I really feel like bawling my eyes out.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Long time no post

Hello all! It's been so long since I have posted here. We finally sold our house in June and our closing was set for July 19. On the 7th I heard that CHI (Children's House International) had a new Waiting Child list. I had unsubscribed from most of the WC Yahoo Groups because our family had been praying for specific children to find homes. They would find a home and then a few weeks later be back on the list. It was affecting me in a negative way and Jeff suggested that maybe I needed to step away from the lists. I agreed. I was doing well with not looking at the lists but when I heard that CHI has their new list I just felt that I needed to look at it. You can view their list without being a member of their yahoo group so I logged on hoping I would have access. I looked at all the beautiful children and 4 boys caught my eye. I thought they were precious and they tugged at my heart but we weren't planning on adopting any time in the near future. I was sure that each of the 4 boys would quickly find their families. That night I couldn't sleep. I went down to my computer and logged on to the CHI site to look at the 4 boys once again. At that point, I honestly didn't have a *favorite* out of them. I just felt drawn to all of them and wanted to look at their pictures again. I clicked on their names and when I looked at Daniel that night I heard God tell me that Daniel was our son. That doesn't happen to me very often. God led us to adopt from China initially, but it was always in other ways. I hadn't really felt that I had *heard* him, but this time it was different. He told me that Daniel was our son. I honestly was shaking, had butterflies in my stomach and my heart was pounding. Okay, now what? Jeff had told me several times that my next adoption would be with my next husband. I was pretty sure that God a WC for us, and I knew that when that child came along that Jeff would agree but even I thought this was a bit crazy. We were days away from moving into a house that was stretching our budget to the max. How could we afford to adopt right now? How could we afford surgery for this child (he is cl/cp)? How could we handle 2 toddlers the same age (he is 3 months younger than AnnaClaire)? HOW? With God! DUH! (as Allie would say) I told Jeff about Daniel. I showed the kids his picture. I explained that I felt that God had told me that he was our son but that the agency he was with would likely not allow us to have him since we already have 5 in the home and that I had heard that they wouldn't ask for a family size waiver until a child had been on the list for a full cycle (usually about three months). This list had been open only days. I think Jeff was trying to decide whether to commit me (but the fact that he'd have to hire a maid and nanny if he did held him back! I emailed the agency and asked about a FSW. The response was that they would ask for a FSW if we were interested in a boy. I almost started to cry or hyperventilate. I asked for prayer on one of my lists and emailed the agency to tell them which boy we were interested in. I was crushed when she told me that he essentially had a family. They hadn't formally commited but that was just a technicality. I told her to let me know if they decided not to pursue him. She sent me the file of 2 other boys. Ironically, they were 2 of the 4 that I had originally felt drawn to. One looked so much like AnnaClaire and I could really see myself as his mother but he just wasn't meant to be my son. I told her that I was waiting for Daniel. I know that she thought I was hard of hearing. He has a family. DUH! I kept watching the site and his status hadn't changed so I emailed her every few days and 'YES, he still has a family they just haven't formally commited to him'. Then came a new rule that if your child was in Guangdong (and Daniel is) you would have to stay in China for an extra week. The boards started going crazy. The WC coordinator posted to the group that the new rule was already affecting placements. Families that were planning to commit to Guangdong children were having to reconsider because of the hardship of staying an extra week. I emailed her immediately. Is Daniel's family one of the families reconsidering. She said that she loved my passion and that I must be on a very good vibe with the cosmos because Daniel's family was reconsidering. She sent me his file 'just in case'. A bit later she asked us to fill out a pre-ap. Jeff and I talked and decided that we had a peace about it and we sent it in. I don't know what we expected to happen but we received an email on July 17 that we had been chosen to be Daniel's family. What an amazing journey...we can't wait to bring our new son home where he belongs. His travel site is and the username and password are both tiger. We have named him Brady Daniel LeQiang. His birthday is June 14, 2005 and he was at Shantou SWI in Guangdong but recently was moved to foster care. We sent out LOI on 8/28, received PA on 10/4 (It actually came on 10/3, the same date as BOTH the girls' referrals but since our agency is in Washington State they didn't call us until the next day) and were DTC on 12/8. Now we wait for our LID so we can start the countdown to TA!