Sunday, January 28, 2007


The last few days I have finally found peace over this whole LID thing. Of course I can't just sit back and let myself be at peace so what do I do? Dream about it! Last night I had a dream that we got our LID and it was February 5. I will SO not handle it well if that is the case! I read about one agency that had people DTC on 12/4 and 12/8 that got LIDs of 1/24...I won't deal well with that either. I am really hoping for 1/12 or before. Surely we will find something out this coming week.

I heard that one agency is telling it's WC clients logged in in November that it will be 4-5 more months before they should get TA. Yuck! We are 2 months behind them and I thought we only had 4-5 months to go.

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Becky said...


I hope you get your LID soon and that it is earlier than you expected!!