Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gina needs a family!

In China, once a child turns 14 they can no longer be adopted. For a Chinese orphan, turning 14 is like a door slamming shut. Their hope a family gone forever. Gina is a beautiful 13 year old who will turn 14 in May. She has no family and no family working to bring her home. If you know anyone who has a dossier in China or is nearly DTC, please pass on the information about Gina. Her chance of having a forever family is slipping away. You can click HERE for some pictures and video of Gina.

Here is an email about Gina from the Special Needs coordinator from ASIA, the agency that has her file:

I am writing to try to find a family for one of our waiting children
from our Hope's Journey program who is about to age out in May. We call
her Gina, and you can see more information on our blog, listed below my
signature. We had a family for her, but they are unable to continue with
their adoption for reasons having nothing to do with Gina. It is for
that reason that I'm reaching out to try to help this child's dream of a
family come true. Because she risks aging out so soon, we have to find a
family that is already dossiered or very close to dossier ready to
pursue her. If you have any interest, or know of anyone who could be
interested, please have them contact me. Gina is a sweet 13 year old
girlie girl who likes dolls, is shy and studies hard. She knows some
English already and is seeing many of her peers getting adopted. She
wants a forever family of her own. She is bright, sweet, healthy and
likes reading and sports. We have lots of pictures and videos of Gina,
so please contact me for more information.

Marci Siegel-Kittrell, MSW
Director of Social Services
Associated Services for International Adoption
215 SW Hooker St. #100
Portland, OR 97201

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yeah, it's the 11th. I am a little late. I am still getting into the hang of blogging again. I totally missed Allie Day, Jeff's Birthday, Ryan's Birthday, My sister's wedding.... I seem to do that every December. AnnaClaire Day is the 5th and she gets a post. Allie Day is the 7th and it goes unposted. Here's a snippet I posted on my Facebook Page on Allie Day:

Six years ago today were learned that dreams do come true when we were given Qiu Xiao Lian, our first daughter. Jeff had been a reluctant adopter and had worries throughout the process but it didn't take long for Miss Allie to take care of that! The morning after we got her he was looking at her from across the table at the White Swan breakfast and said, 'everyone should do this at least once'. One sweet little baby girl was all it took to turn a doubter into an adoption advocate (who adopted twice more!). Today also happens to be Jeff's birthday. What better gift on your birthday than the gift of a child? Our Allie is a precious gift. She came to us with quite the personality and remains a diva to this day...but she also has a HUGE heart. Last night as Jeff, Brandon and Ryan prepared to go shopping for needy families with our church youth, Allie gave Jeff all her money from her bank. Jeff told her that he would take some of it and handed her back part of the money. She pressed it back into his hand and said, 'I want you to take it all'. I love that girl!