Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yeah, it's the 11th. I am a little late. I am still getting into the hang of blogging again. I totally missed Allie Day, Jeff's Birthday, Ryan's Birthday, My sister's wedding.... I seem to do that every December. AnnaClaire Day is the 5th and she gets a post. Allie Day is the 7th and it goes unposted. Here's a snippet I posted on my Facebook Page on Allie Day:

Six years ago today were learned that dreams do come true when we were given Qiu Xiao Lian, our first daughter. Jeff had been a reluctant adopter and had worries throughout the process but it didn't take long for Miss Allie to take care of that! The morning after we got her he was looking at her from across the table at the White Swan breakfast and said, 'everyone should do this at least once'. One sweet little baby girl was all it took to turn a doubter into an adoption advocate (who adopted twice more!). Today also happens to be Jeff's birthday. What better gift on your birthday than the gift of a child? Our Allie is a precious gift. She came to us with quite the personality and remains a diva to this day...but she also has a HUGE heart. Last night as Jeff, Brandon and Ryan prepared to go shopping for needy families with our church youth, Allie gave Jeff all her money from her bank. Jeff told her that he would take some of it and handed her back part of the money. She pressed it back into his hand and said, 'I want you to take it all'. I love that girl!


Shelly and Family said...

Oh Lisa...what a beautiful post! It seems like yesterday doesn't when we look back on those first days together with our children. And Jeff is 100% correct...EVERYONE should "do it" at last once...even twice...or better yet three times!

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Lisa~That is such a sweet post! Congratulations on all the milestones you've celebrated with your incredible family.

I just got around to blogging for the first time yesterday and I only have one...January is a tough month to get started.

Wishing you many blessings in 2010!


The Byrd's Nest said...

Allie's personality has always reminded me of Lottie. What a huge heart she has. Your blog was the very first blog I ever began to follow for adoption. I have always felt like we were family because of our Yangxi girls. Have a blessed week and I am glad you are blogging again.