Sunday, December 06, 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas~for the orphan

This is a fellow adoptive mom's own take on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. I thought it was so moving that I asked to share it here. Thanks Amy!

Twas the Night Before Christmas--for the Parentless.....

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land
there are parentless children, with no toys in hand

No stockings to be hung by the chimny with care
no hopes for a family soon to be there

Their beds are not snug--but cold and quite bare
there are no goodnight kisses--no one to care

While we in our homes, laughing in delight
all settle down for a Merry Chistmas Eve night

When in someone's heart--there arises a clatter
there are children in need--who's lives really DO matter!

Away to the computer please go in a flash
to see the sweet face with whom YOU could be matched!

While a child you see--their beautiful face all aglow
could this be MY child--could I already know??

When in the dreams of the orphan--what always appears
is a family to love them, to care and hold dear

As you stare at that child--your heart beats real quick--
for you know in your heart that sweet face will stick

More dreams sweet children have--to call parents by name-
come mama! come daddy! come family to claim!

To the ends of the earth--your heart seems to call
now child--I'm coming--I wish for you ALL!

So on a plane to your child--over rooftops you flew
to hold this dear soul--a wish did come true

And then in a twinkling-I saw through the door
this child of my heart-that was waiting no more

As I got my camera and was turning around-
into my arms did he come with a bound!

He was dressed in many layers from his head to his foot
and into my heart his life was just put

there was no round face--no plump little belly
just sad little eyes, and legs shaking like jelly

In a swirl of a pen, and a stamp and a seal
my world became brighter--like I could suddenly feel!

We spoke not a word--they weren't needed at all
and I knew in this moment where I got this call

God layed his hands on my heart--and to the occasion I rose
and He could do it for you--this question He'll pose.....

It won't be a shout--no not even a whistle
it won't be real clear--but faint like a whisper

Can you make room in your heart--if you try with your might?
And make a difference for one--help them see the light?

I can see you exclaim as you hold your child tight--
Thank you Lord for this gift--you got it EXACTLY right!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm gonna be a.......

Brandon was accepted to the University of Tennessee this week. It's a good thing too because that is the only place he applied. I am so happy for him but also sad because we will miss him being so far away from us. I guess you have to let them go sometime....apparently no one ever told Cameron that little fact. ;)

AnnaClaire Day!

Hard to believe it's been FOUR years since we walked into the Civil Affairs office in Nanchang, Jiangxi to meet our little girl. Little Zhuang Lu Qiao was sitting there when we walked in and when they called us up to take her she was smiling so big and her whole body was moving with excitement. At the time it scared me, because it didn't seem natural for her to be that happy to be given to us. Now I know that it was a sign of what was to come. It's hard to truly express how AnnaClaire has brightened our lives. She's just love...gentleness...sunshine. All the other kids go off and do their own thing a lot of the time but little AnnaClaire hangs close to mama and daddy. We joke that she is like a little lap dog. She's alway there snuggling and cuddling with us. You can't have a bad day with AnnaClaire around. She has her daddy so wrapped around her finger that it is laughable. I guess mama's pretty wrapped too. Thank you God for the amazing blessing that is our AnnaClaire.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well, it was bound to happen...

I had to try on 4 pairs of jeans this morning before I found a pair that I could get over my hips...and booty...and belly. Apparently you can't eat like you're Paula Deen's biggest fan without paying for it big time. So pretty much all the weight I lost earlier this year has found me once again. Sigh. Good thing it's almost January because I tend to have great motivation in January. The thought of counting points again makes me crazy but it works for me, so I guess I'll do it. I apologize in advance to Jeff and the kids for the mean old grump I will be when I can no longer eat all the cakes and doughnuts and cookies that my heart desires. Bah Humbug!

And you can file this in 'things you never thought you would hear' (or is it 'things you wish you had never heard'?):

AnnaClaire: Mom, Brady is scratching his butt with his fork.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Give This Christmas Away

Love this! Warning: You might need tissues!