Thursday, April 26, 2007



May.15: Family Loos arrive in Guangzhou on Flight CZ7831/06:20, transfer
to* Victory Hotel.*

May.16: At 14:00 go to the Civil Affairs to meet the child and sign the
adoption agreement.

May.17: At 09:00 go to the Civil Affairs for the adoption registration,
notarization in the morning.

May.18: Pick up the adoption certificate and apply the child’s passport.

May.19: Free.

May.20: Go to local department store to buy some daily necessities for
the child. (if something is 'necessary', don't ya think we will need it by day 4? LOL)

May.21: Visit the White Cloud Mountain.

May.22: Pearl River Cruise.

May.23: Medical and photo for the child.

Mar.24: Free.

May.25: Pick up passport.

May.26: Visit the Six Banyan Temple.

May.27-May.28: Free.

May.29: 9:00 am visa appointment at the U.S.Consulate.

May.30: At 16:00 pick up the visa in the afternoon.

May.31: Family Loos leave Guangzhou for home on flight JL5185/08:15, transfer

Lots of free time to explore. I love that!

Thank You!

I just wanted to send our thanks for the congratulations on our upcoming travel and union with Brady. We were watching the news last night and a correspondent was in Washington which made me think of an awesome trip to Washington that I took with a fellow waiting mom when I was waiting for Allie. It was in early June of 2003. If anyone had told me that less than 4 years later, I would not only have Allie but also AnnaClaire and Brady, I would have told them they were crazy! Fortunately when God placed these adoptions on our hearts we didn't tell Him that He was crazy...we just let everyone believe that WE were:) I can assure you that we are not crazy (yet)...just very, very honored to be allowed to parent these incredible children. I can't wait to finally meet Brady and see his personality unfold. Will he be quiet like Cameron? social like Brandon? sensitive like Ryan? adventurous like Allie? a willful little charmer like AnnaClaire? We really have no idea but I can't wait to find out!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Pitter Patter of Little Feet

Jeff jumped out of bed at 3:52 this morning, waking me up. He said he heard something moving around. That 'something' turned out to be AnnaClaire running around the kitchen with her blanket and a telephone. Jeff took her back up to her big girl bed, kissed her and told her to go back to sleep and she did. What a stinker. We may have to put a gate outside her door:)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How Crazy is THIS???

My head is still spinning! I just got off the phone with the travel agent. We now have tickets to China! OUCH! Someone should have told me that in the summer you pay twice what you pay in the winter. Double OUCH! Anyway, this is my schedule for the next few weeks...this Friday (the 27th) Jeff and I head to Miami. We return on Sunday and then on Thursday (5/3) the girls and I head to Disney with my mom and sister. We return from Orlando on Monday Night (5/7). Then just SIX days later, Jeff and I head to CHINA to get our little man. We leave bright and early on Sunday the 13th. Boy oh I have everything ready??? What am I forgetting? AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


BRADY DANIEL IS COMING HOME! We not only received our TA today but a confirmed CA. Praise God! We will jave Brady in our arms on May 16th! MAY 16th! That's less than a month! We will probably leave the 14th...that's less than 3 weeks. Our CA is 5/29 and we will probably be arriving home on the 31st. Home in plenty of time for him to celebrate his birthday with his big brothers and sisters.

Thank you God for this wonderful new addition to our family. We are so BLESSED!!!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pay it Forward Latte Challenge

A few months ago I posted about the 4 boys from Shantou that were on CHI's Waiting Child List. Two are now waiting to come home, 1 still waits (and has a grant now, please check out Nathaniel!) but sadly, a few weeks after little Scotty was matched with a family, he passed away from acute pnuemonia. The CHIWC board wanted to do something in Scotty's memory and in a matter of days the surgeries for 2 children we completely funded. Today a LWB volunteer posted the following to the CHIWC board and I am passing it on. If we all donated $10, think of the difference that we could make for these children! ~Lisa

I think most of us know about Oprah and her pay-it-forward challenges
that she gives to her audience members...and now I'm giving one to
this audience, with Stefani's blessing.

My name is Nancy Brown, and I am the new Love Without Boundaries
medical fundraising coordinator - thanks to you guys! It all came to
fuition after dear Scotty died, and Stefani challenged this group to
help fund Flower's and Yuan's surgeries in Scotty's memory. I saw
that challenge and accepted it, just as you-all did, and in record
time, I might add. That got me to thinking about my passion in life,
and with 2 daughters from China, one nsn and one sn, and having gone
on a cleft trip with LWB in 2005, I knew it had to do with China. And
I knew I wanted to do more than an occassional donation for medical now I am in charge of fundraising :-)

My challenge to you all is this: I call it the 2 latte
challenge...for about the cost of 2 lattes, I am challenging all of
you to go to the LWB medical donation site:
and donate $10 and call it Latte Challenge. I/we would LOVE it if
you could make it a once a month donation, so you can change the One
Time donation to Monthly, and then forward this challenge on to as
many friends/family that you can think of. Just think....if we can
get 1,000 to donate $10 a month, that would be $10,000, or more than
2 heart surgeries a month that are FUNDED! The need in China is so
great - we have 18 orphans in Shanghai right now having neurosurgery
by a wonderful medical team of volunteers from UCLA Hospital. And I
think it's important for you to know that not ONE LWB
person/director/board member/surgeon takes one penny in salary, and
ALL pay all of their travel expenses themselves. The overhead costs
for LWB is less than 3% of all donations, which is incredibly,
incredibly low compared to most non-profits. And your donations ARE
tax deductible.

So how about it, CHI family? These kiddos really need our help, and
once they are healed they get on Waiting Child lists and can have a
chance at finding their forever families - maybe even one of you!

Thank you, and please forward to everyone you know (but just not to
the APC list, as Kathy, the listowner, does not allow fundraising).
Let's see how big and mighty this group can be for those babies still
waiting for a chance in China! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy Brown

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Yeah for AnnaClaire

Daddy tucked her in last night for the very first time in a big girl bed. She went right to sleep and I even had to wake her up for church this morning. We were pretty busy today and she didn't get a real nap so I am not sure if those are a thing of the past or not. I am just so proud of her for staying in her big girl bed last night. Hope tonight is as easy!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

How Can You Have a Bad Day

...when you live with AnnaClaire?

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

For You 'Idol' Fans

We were once die hard American Idol fans but haven't really gotten into it this season. Today at lunch Allie said, 'Chris is going home.' Of course my first thought was that she was talking about American Idol but she hasn't seen it enough to know anyone's names so I asked her what she meant. She said, 'On American Idol' Then I asked her how she knew. 'Jeremiah told me' I guess tonight we will see how smart Jeremiah is. (For those who don't know, Jeremiah is Allie's imaginary friend)

Day 100 (*UPDATED*)

We are now officially members of the century club. When we started this adoption only the unlucky ones waited over 100 days. Now almost everyone waits that long. So sad for the little ones waiting, many needing treatment for their special needs. There was a TA posted last night for a family that got their LOA on 4/2. Hopefully that means that there will be several more coming in these next few days. Our agency said yesterday that we probably wouldn't travel until very late May or early June. I guess my dream of a May 21st gotcha won't become a reality. I hope that they are wrong and that we are able to get an earlier CA. I really want to be there asap! Our TA needs to come soon because this morning Allie asked me if I was losing my mind!

UPDATE: One person has posted that their agency has told them that their TA will be mailed tomorrow and another said that they have been told that their TA is waiting to be signed. Looks like next week could be a very good week. I also wanted to mention that the CCAA has a new program that alerts agencies about LIDs immediately and also when TAs have been mailed, so we should know our TA is on it's way before it arrives.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pictures from Mee All's Birthday

My sister Lori with Allie

Mee All and Popaw

It was my mom's birthday last Friday (yup, the 13th) so we headed down and Saturday to visit. No cake, she's on a diet :(

I'm due!

It was 9 months ago today that we were matched with little Shan Le Qiang who will soon be our precious Brady Daniel. I pray that the waiting part will be over soon and we can be together. I thank God that we listened to Him when He spoke to us about Brady. We dove in head first with hearts full of faith. If Jeff and I had sat down and rationally discussed adopting at that time, we would never have gone forward. It truly made no sense. But God doesn't always make sense to US...and He doesn't have to. So when you hear God telling you to do something, don't tell Him that you can't. He already knows that by yourself you can't...but WITH HIM YOU CAN! God blesses those who are faithful. Just look at my family!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Visas Arrived!

Now we just need TA and we are ready to roll! It hit me last week that we are going to China soon...yikes! I went out and bought meds and the other stuff that we will need for the trip. I think we have about everything other than the orphanage donations and gifts for the foster family. What do you give someone who has taken your child in and loved them like their own??? Nothing I can think of seems adequate.

It's been 13 days since our LOA was received at our agency. I really don't know when to expect TA. The last group from our agency got TA 16 days after their LOAs had arrived. I am not expecting it to come that fast but I guess it is possible. I am not sure if it matters because someone from my agency told me that the group before us has 5/17 CAs and we can't go before then. I hope it means that we can go soon after, like possibly getting Brady on the 20th or 21st of May. Ohh, chills...that's only 30 something days from now. After all the longing to hold him, it is really going to be happening in the near future.

We are super busy the next few weeks so the time should go by quickly. The last weekend of the month Jeff and I are going to South Beach. The week after that, the girls and I are going to DISNEY WORLD with my mom and sister. That is going to be so much fun...a GIRLS ONLY trip! Pray that my sister can survive the ride from Atlanta (where she lives) to Orlando with Allie and AnnaClaire! LOL

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

I overheard Allie say, 'God died on the crossroads to set us free' So cute. I guess I need to explain it to her a bit better.

Grab Your Tissues

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Beautiful Girl

With clothes on!!!

Easter Eggs

Guess we didn't need all 9 colors...

More nakey pictures! Usually I wish Allie would wear more clothes but when dying eggs, her desire to be naked is a good thing. I think we got through it without ruining anything:)

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I am forever amazed at the love of Christ. I am so undeserving, yet He endured so much because He wanted me to be free. He loves each one of us personally and even knows every hair on our heads. I continue to be blessed every day of my life by my Father God. He loved me so much that He sent his only son to die for me. If you are a believer, you are adopted. And you are loved immeasurably. Sometimes people say to me that I couldn't possibly love my adopted children like I love my birth children or that my adopted children aren't my own. It always makes me think of God and the way He loves us and how He calls us His own. He knew exactly what Jesus would endure on this earth but He did it for us. I thank you Jesus for carrying all my burdens and wiping the slate clean. MY REDEEMER LIVES!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Glitter is Forever

Here's a tip...when your 4 year old asks to go in your bathroom to play with her makeup, the answer should always be NO! I walked into the bathroom and my kids looked like performers from Cirque du Soleil.

busy, busy, busy

It's funny how some weeks we have nothing to do and others we seem to be running all the time. This has been one of those busy weeks. We got our LOA Wednesday and sent it right back. When I opened the Fed Ex package Allie said, 'Mom, that's your LOA!' I hadn't even told her that was what it was. Later when I mentioned sending the LOA back she said, 'You can't send the LOA back! You need that to get Brady Daniel.' That's when I had the task of explaining to her that now we wait for TA.

The girls and I went shopping in Pigeon Forge with Aunt Gina yesterday and we shopped 'til we dropped. Jeff was doing a little shopping of his own while we were gone. He finally found a Wii for the boys. That's what they wanted for Christmas and they have been patiently waiting for us to find one. Allie's already beaten Cameron and Ryan at bowling. LOL

Today was our China Angels Easter Egg playdate/hunt. The weather has been so warm that I packed away all the girls' winter clothes. Now it is cold again (it was actually snowing earllier). I had to scramble to find something for the girls to wear today. The playdate/hunt was wonderful. Each child was to find 12 eggs. I was busy with AnnaClaire and Allie ran ahead. When I found her she had about 30 eggs in her basket. I guess she hunted for AnnaClaire too. AnnaClaire was completely uninterested. Our busy week must have taken it's toll because when we got home, the girls were conked out in their carseats.

Monday, April 02, 2007


The boards lit up today with TAs and LOAs. I saw lots of January LIDs get LOA, including dates as late as 1/19 (we are 1/8). Our agency is on the West Coast so their LOA calls are made in the evening. I was so sure we were getting our call that I had myself all torn up. I was truly making myself physically ill. I am not sure why it was affecting my so strongly. I was fine on the girls' referral days, but tonight I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack. As the minutes ticked by I started to realize that the call was not coming. It's weird but once I knew the call was not coming tonight, I started feeling physically better but emotionally rotten. I really hope our LOA comes before my family sends me to the Holiday Inn because they can't stand to be around me anymore.

Even worse, my friend Tonya got skipped. She's waited way longer than she should have had to and then LOAs came into her agency today for LIDs after hers and she still waits.

The bright spot of the day is that Bill and Bonnie have TA for Anna Reese. We are thrilled about that and can't wait to welcome her home.

Here's to an LOA kind of day tomorrow:)