Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm due!

It was 9 months ago today that we were matched with little Shan Le Qiang who will soon be our precious Brady Daniel. I pray that the waiting part will be over soon and we can be together. I thank God that we listened to Him when He spoke to us about Brady. We dove in head first with hearts full of faith. If Jeff and I had sat down and rationally discussed adopting at that time, we would never have gone forward. It truly made no sense. But God doesn't always make sense to US...and He doesn't have to. So when you hear God telling you to do something, don't tell Him that you can't. He already knows that by yourself you can't...but WITH HIM YOU CAN! God blesses those who are faithful. Just look at my family!


Mom to six! said...


Thank you, my friend. I really needed to hear that message! Hoping your TA is here this week.


Walker said...

This is so TRUE!!! I always heard...if ya want to see God laugh... tell Him your plans... I know this is true, He has sooo much more in store for us. We just have to listen, trust, and obey!! Thanks for sharing! We're praying for yall!