Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Day 100 (*UPDATED*)

We are now officially members of the century club. When we started this adoption only the unlucky ones waited over 100 days. Now almost everyone waits that long. So sad for the little ones waiting, many needing treatment for their special needs. There was a TA posted last night for a family that got their LOA on 4/2. Hopefully that means that there will be several more coming in these next few days. Our agency said yesterday that we probably wouldn't travel until very late May or early June. I guess my dream of a May 21st gotcha won't become a reality. I hope that they are wrong and that we are able to get an earlier CA. I really want to be there asap! Our TA needs to come soon because this morning Allie asked me if I was losing my mind!

UPDATE: One person has posted that their agency has told them that their TA will be mailed tomorrow and another said that they have been told that their TA is waiting to be signed. Looks like next week could be a very good week. I also wanted to mention that the CCAA has a new program that alerts agencies about LIDs immediately and also when TAs have been mailed, so we should know our TA is on it's way before it arrives.


Mom to six! said...


I know that you know nothing is impossible with God! Hang in there...just when you least expect it, He'll be dropping a TA phone call on ya!


blessedbeyondmeasure said...

Lisa, I am betting next week is REALLY good for you! :) I am praying you get that TA call! Hoping for great LOA news for us too!

Wendy D
Levi's momma

The MacKinnon's said...

Here's praying for a quick TA call! The waiting doesn't get any easier, does it! I'll be checking your site daily for more updates!!

Tammy MacKinnon

Kellyann said...

Yuck, yuck, and more yuck! I so was wishing you'd never reach 100 days of waiting. What torture. I'm glad to hear you are preparing more and more. Hoping to hear some good news soon.