Thursday, April 26, 2007



May.15: Family Loos arrive in Guangzhou on Flight CZ7831/06:20, transfer
to* Victory Hotel.*

May.16: At 14:00 go to the Civil Affairs to meet the child and sign the
adoption agreement.

May.17: At 09:00 go to the Civil Affairs for the adoption registration,
notarization in the morning.

May.18: Pick up the adoption certificate and apply the child’s passport.

May.19: Free.

May.20: Go to local department store to buy some daily necessities for
the child. (if something is 'necessary', don't ya think we will need it by day 4? LOL)

May.21: Visit the White Cloud Mountain.

May.22: Pearl River Cruise.

May.23: Medical and photo for the child.

Mar.24: Free.

May.25: Pick up passport.

May.26: Visit the Six Banyan Temple.

May.27-May.28: Free.

May.29: 9:00 am visa appointment at the U.S.Consulate.

May.30: At 16:00 pick up the visa in the afternoon.

May.31: Family Loos leave Guangzhou for home on flight JL5185/08:15, transfer

Lots of free time to explore. I love that!


The MacKinnon's said...

Hi Lisa,
I just checked your blog after not reading it for a few days and WOW, exciting news! This is so fantastic for you guys! Hopefully you will be posting from China, right? I can't wait to hear about Brady being in your arms!!


2China4Ayla said...

Hey girl, look for us on the night of the 27th (8ish) that is when we will be arriving at the Victory. How crazy is it that we will meet in China when we only live a few hours from one another?

Tracy said...


I check your site often and just wanted to say Congrats on getting your travel dates! I will be keeping an eye out to see your SON in just a few short weeks.

I am so happy for you.

Amelia Rae (2.5 yrs China)
Jack Louis (9 mo Vietnam)

Kellyann said...

Wow Lisa, it is all coming together now! You leave in TWO weeks! How very exciting. I can't wait to follow your journey to Brady Daniel.