Monday, April 23, 2007

Pay it Forward Latte Challenge

A few months ago I posted about the 4 boys from Shantou that were on CHI's Waiting Child List. Two are now waiting to come home, 1 still waits (and has a grant now, please check out Nathaniel!) but sadly, a few weeks after little Scotty was matched with a family, he passed away from acute pnuemonia. The CHIWC board wanted to do something in Scotty's memory and in a matter of days the surgeries for 2 children we completely funded. Today a LWB volunteer posted the following to the CHIWC board and I am passing it on. If we all donated $10, think of the difference that we could make for these children! ~Lisa

I think most of us know about Oprah and her pay-it-forward challenges
that she gives to her audience members...and now I'm giving one to
this audience, with Stefani's blessing.

My name is Nancy Brown, and I am the new Love Without Boundaries
medical fundraising coordinator - thanks to you guys! It all came to
fuition after dear Scotty died, and Stefani challenged this group to
help fund Flower's and Yuan's surgeries in Scotty's memory. I saw
that challenge and accepted it, just as you-all did, and in record
time, I might add. That got me to thinking about my passion in life,
and with 2 daughters from China, one nsn and one sn, and having gone
on a cleft trip with LWB in 2005, I knew it had to do with China. And
I knew I wanted to do more than an occassional donation for medical now I am in charge of fundraising :-)

My challenge to you all is this: I call it the 2 latte
challenge...for about the cost of 2 lattes, I am challenging all of
you to go to the LWB medical donation site:
and donate $10 and call it Latte Challenge. I/we would LOVE it if
you could make it a once a month donation, so you can change the One
Time donation to Monthly, and then forward this challenge on to as
many friends/family that you can think of. Just think....if we can
get 1,000 to donate $10 a month, that would be $10,000, or more than
2 heart surgeries a month that are FUNDED! The need in China is so
great - we have 18 orphans in Shanghai right now having neurosurgery
by a wonderful medical team of volunteers from UCLA Hospital. And I
think it's important for you to know that not ONE LWB
person/director/board member/surgeon takes one penny in salary, and
ALL pay all of their travel expenses themselves. The overhead costs
for LWB is less than 3% of all donations, which is incredibly,
incredibly low compared to most non-profits. And your donations ARE
tax deductible.

So how about it, CHI family? These kiddos really need our help, and
once they are healed they get on Waiting Child lists and can have a
chance at finding their forever families - maybe even one of you!

Thank you, and please forward to everyone you know (but just not to
the APC list, as Kathy, the listowner, does not allow fundraising).
Let's see how big and mighty this group can be for those babies still
waiting for a chance in China! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Nancy Brown

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Shelly & Family! said...

Oh Lisa...Thank you for posting this message. As soon as I read it, I went to the web site to do my part (in Francesca's honor). You are so right, every little bit helps.
Shelly Leonard