Friday, February 29, 2008

Almost Pretty

Jeff's in New York, the oldest two are at a party, Ryan's downstairs on the new Xbox Live and the littles are giving me a make over. I am covered head to toe in glitter, body spray, lotion, eye shadow, lip stick and who knows what else. Brady is right in the thick of it all. He painted my toe nails (I should say he painted my toes-it's more accurate) and then proceeded to work on his own. Allie sighed and said, 'Brady doesn't know he's a boy.' LOL She might be right. During the application of my make up she told me many times 'Mommy hold on, you are almost pretty.'

Monday, February 25, 2008

Anna's Birthday Party!

Brady picked out all his clothes head to toe with no help from us. He also had a Tennessee ball cap but I didn't get a picture of him with it on.

Anna (left) and Brady (right) at Shantou

the best I could get...

The kids had a blast at Fun Expedition for Miss Anna's birthday party. Anna was at Shantou with Brady and we were in China the same time as her (totally awesome and wonderful) parents. Bonnie (Anna's mom) knew what a struggle I was having in China. They left to come home a few days before we did and she actually called me in China from her house to check on me and give me a pep talk before our flight home (which I was dreading). We are so blessed to know Anna's family and feel that Anna and Brady are so blessed to get to grow up with an orphanage mate so close. We have a picture of Brady and Anna at Shantou together and want to get an updated one but haven't been that lucky yet:)

You can file this under Things I never thought would happen in my lifetime'


Tennessee Tops AP Men's Basketball Poll
2008-02-25 13:22:42
By JIM O'CONNELL AP Basketball Writer

Tennessee surged to the top of The Associated Press college basketball poll for the first time Monday on the strength of its victory over Memphis in a Nos. 1-vs.-2 matchup.

The football team at Tennessee has been ranked No. 1 during four seasons, including two national titles. The women's basketball program has been a regular atop that poll since 1977, winning seven national championships under coach Pat Summitt.

Now it's the men's turn.

The Volunteers (25-2) were a runaway choice, receiving 69 first-place votes and 1,797 points from the 72-member national media panel after a 66-62 victory at Memphis. Tennessee is the 53rd school to hold the No. 1 ranking since the poll began for the 1948-49 season.

"The response has been overwhelming here," Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl said Monday. "The game Saturday, there'll always be a lot of talk of where were you when they beat Memphis to become No. 1? It was that kind of event so it will have some staying power, but for us there will be little staying power because we have to go play at Vanderbilt on Tuesday where they have won 17 straight games.

"The fact that men's basketball was able to get to this point just brings us in line with the other sports here, men's and women's, like softball and track and field. This is the expectation at Tennessee and that you can point to those different sports is why Tennessee is one of the finest athletic programs in the country and this only adds to that."

Memphis (26-1), which lost for the first time this season when Tennessee ended its 47-game home winning streak, had been ranked No. 1 for the past five weeks, the last three as a unanimous choice. The Tigers were No. 2 and received 1,682 points.

North Carolina (26-2), which was No. 1 in the preseason poll and for the first 10 weeks of the regular season, stayed third after wins over North Carolina State and Wake Forest. The Tar Heels received two first-place votes, while UCLA (24-3), which jumped from sixth to fourth after wins over Oregon State and Oregon last week, was No. 1 on one ballot.

There was some history made near the bottom of the rankings as well Monday with Kent State (23-5) moving into the Top 25 for the first time. The Golden Flashes were No. 23 after their 65-57 victory at Saint Mary's, Calif., on Saturday night.

Texas moved up two spots to fifth. Kansas, which lost at Oklahoma State on Saturday, and Duke, which snapped a two-game losing streak with a win over St. John's on Saturday, both dropped two spots to sixth and seventh, respectively. Stanford, Xavier and Wisconsin rounded out the top 10.

Georgetown moved up one place to 11th and was followed by Indiana, Louisville, Butler, Connecticut, Purdue, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Michigan State and Drake. The last five ranked teams were Marquette, Washington State, Kent State, Gonzaga and Saint Mary's.

Gonzaga (21-6) was the week's other newcomer. The Bulldogs, who were 14th in the preseason poll, returned after a nine-week absence. They have won 12 of their last 15, with the losses coming to Tennessee, Memphis and Saint Mary's.

Kent State entered the poll having won nine of 10, the loss coming at Toledo. Two of the Golden Flashes' losses this season were to North Carolina and Xavier.

Texas A&M (20-7) dropped out from 23rd, its first time out of the poll this season. The Aggies, ranked as high as No. 9 this season, have lost three straight — Oklahoma State, Texas and Nebraska, the first and last at home.

Kansas State (18-8) was ranked for eight weeks this season, including the last four in a row. The Wildcats fell out from 24th, having lost three of four, including losses to Nebraska and Baylor last week

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

tiny little mama brag:)

Little Miss Allie started Gymnastics about a year ago. She was what they call a tiny comet. She missed the entire summer while we adjusted to life with B-dog (Brady) and started back last fall. A few times they mentioned moving her up to comets but the tiny comets and comets do the same thing (sometimes even together in the same class), only the comets class lasts about 10 minutes longer and is more expensive. Um, no thanks. When we were in there on Monday I was watching her and realizing that she was able to do some things the other kids can't. After class her teacher came over and said to me 'she needs to move up' and I thought 'here we go again with the comets...' but then she said they wanted to move her past comets. She's bypassing comets and super comets and going to level 1, whatever that means. She's excited so I am really happy for her. When we signed her up after class I saw that the other kids in the class were born in 2000 and 2001-Allie was born in 2003. Man, I hope she can handle this!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I get by with a little help from my....sister!


Brady was too little to climb in the play structure so Allie gave him a little boost. Check out that smile! He was NOT a happy camper when she wasn't there at his beck and call though. He stood at the bottom yelling 'Allie....ALLLLIEEEE!'...and then crying. Goober.
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Valentine Playdate

We celebrated Valentine's Day at Chuck E Cheese with some of our OCA friends. Brady LOVED Chuck E Cheese. Everyone around here is finally feeling better after being sick most of last week. I had all the little one's at the doctor's. That's a load of fun, let me tell you. Allie has serious doctor issues. I am sure we are talked about every time we leave;) FYI, according to the doctor's scales Allie is 36 pounds, AnnaClaire is 28 and Brady is 30. He feels like 40 though-solid as a rock. He's doing FANTASTICALLY. We are thrilled with the progress he is making. Hope we don't take a huge step back with his upcoming surgery. Last time we did, but he has made so much progress that I am hopeful it won't be nearly as bad as last time. He continues to amaze me with how clearly he can say things WHEN HE WANTS TO. Most of the time he's hard to understand but I know he can talk more clearly because I have heard it. After surgery, his speech should get even better. I have to say that his special need has been a lot easier than we anticipated. If you are someone who has considered a cleft affected child and thought it would be too much, I am telling you that Brady is pretty much a worst case scenario with an EXTREMELY wide cleft and it has been mostly a non-issue day to day. There are some cutie pies left on Children's House's current list that are in need of a mom and dad...:) If you are interested in checking them out, you can email me at and I will send you the link to view them.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Last few hours of the Facebook Challenge

If you haven't already donated, please consider it. I have such a burden on my heart for these children. If LWB wins the $50,000, TEN children will have lifesaving heart surgery. Once they are healed they'll have a good chance of being adopted and to grow up knowing the love of a family. Isn't that worth $10?