Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last few hours of LWB Born in my Heart Auction on Ebay!

As many know, Brady was in a LWB supported orphanage and then in Foster Care also supported by LWB. They make such a difference in the lives of the children in China. Please check out their auctions!

From LWB:

We are down to the final 24 hours of the Love Without Boundaries Born
in my Heart Art Auction! Our auction ends Tuesday, April 29th.

Each amazing auction item will close at the same time of day as it
launched...beginnin g at 9:00 am Pacific Time, and continuing
throughout the day until nearly 8:00 pm Pacific Time. Hopefully the
spacing of the items will allow you to place final bids on all the
items that have captured your heart!

I see some serious bidding wars for some of our auction items, but
want you all to know that there are still some incredible bargains to
be found. There are some amazing pieces of professional art,
photography, prints, etc. that are currently listed at just a
fraction of their worth. We are just over halfway to our goal of
$40,000 to heal eight children...remember , this is all for the kids,
so please bid generously to help heal hearts and save lives!

You can reach our auction on eBay through a link on the homepage of
our website: www.lovewithoutboun daries.com or directly at our
regular eBay store location: http://stores. ebay.com/ Love-Without-

THANK YOU and bless you, to all who have donated or bid on an auction
item this year. You are truly a hero, to some very special child who
needs your help.

Love Without Boundaries
Art Auction Committee
www.lovewithoutboun daries.com

Interesting Blog Post about the Care SN Orphans Receive in China's Orphanages


Friday, April 18, 2008


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Brady Update

If anyone still actually reads this blog (which I highly doubt...LOL), here is the looong overdue update on Brady's surgery. As you know, Brady had his sceond surgery to repair his palate on March 10, which was a Monday. That Saturday as I was putting Brady down for his nap, I asked to see in his mouth and when he opened it I could see that the palate was splitting again. In fact the hole was already quite large. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Jeff, Brandon and Ryan were in Atlanta at the SEC championship tournament (or I should say that due to the tornado, they were in their hotel room watching the tournament on television) so I didn't want to ruin their weekend by telling them the news. On Monday we had an appointment with Brady's surgeon. As soon as he looked in Brady's mouth his face dropped. He was very disappointed that it had split. He said that there were 2 layers and that if the upper layer hadn't split, it was possible that the hole would close on it's own. That night Brady was sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen and fell and hit his face on the floor. Blood poured from his nose and mouth (this has happened a few times when he has fallen and hit his face). I was sure that if that second layer hadn't split before that it had now. We went back to the surgeon 2 weeks later and the hole was smaller. The surgeon said it was 'slamming shut'. We went back again this week and the surgeon said it was a pinhole now. This is very good news for Brady and we are thrilled that God has healed him.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Please Read and LEARN from this tragic accident

This precious angel's mother is on a group with me. His loss is devastating, but will hopefully teach others about furniture safety awareness.

Boy, 23 months, killed when dresser falls
Corey Halpin's parents said he was a 'loving' child.
Daily Record/Sunday News

Corey Halpin, who died Monday in an accident at his Dover Township home, loved wearing hats so he would always be ready if someone was going outside, his mother said.. (Submitted)The thing Gail Halpin will miss most about her young son Corey is the way he would lie next to her in bed early in the morning, kissing her and saying, "Mommy, Mommy."

Corey Halpin, just two weeks shy of his second birthday, died Monday at his home in Dover Township in what his mother called a "tragic accident."

Gail Halpin said her son was playing inside a dresser drawer in his room when the dresser fell over.

While reminiscing Tuesday about what she loved about her son, Gail Halpin also said she saw his death as a way to warn others about the dangers of unsecured furniture.

"If my dresser had been secured to the wall, he wouldn't have died," she said. "If his death can help save other little children, then that's something good."

Gail, 31, and husband Jim, 35, described Corey as "loving," always wanting to be kissed and hugged.

Corey spread that love to all of his family members, they said.

Sister Annagale, 8, would swing Corey around on her back.

Corey and brother Kaden, 3, would move his bed next to Corey's crib so they could be as close together as possible while they slept.

With his father, Corey would imagine he was on a roller coaster, hopping, twisting and turning on his dad.

He loved to play peek-a-boo.

He also wanted his sandals and "Gilligan's Island"-style hat on at all times because if he thought anyone was going outside, he wanted to go, too, Gail Halpin said.

Gail Halpin said that, about 6:30 p.m. Monday, she was at her Equestrian Drive home in Dover Township and had just put Corey and Kaden to bed. But the boys stayed up playing, she said.
Gail Halpin was in another part of the house when Kaden came to her and said, "Mommy, Corey's stuck."

She went right away and found Corey in the bottom drawer of a dresser. He was not moving.

She pulled him out, carried him into her kitchen and called 911.

Gail Halpin believes Corey's weight in the bottom drawer caused the dresser to tip over and that, when it did, it closed on his neck.

She said that, as a tribute to Corey, she plans to dedicate herself to keeping other children safe. A group of her online friends plans to start a Web site where they will offer straps to anchor furniture to walls to prevent them from falling, she said.

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