Friday, April 18, 2008

Brady Update

If anyone still actually reads this blog (which I highly doubt...LOL), here is the looong overdue update on Brady's surgery. As you know, Brady had his sceond surgery to repair his palate on March 10, which was a Monday. That Saturday as I was putting Brady down for his nap, I asked to see in his mouth and when he opened it I could see that the palate was splitting again. In fact the hole was already quite large. I felt like I had been punched in the gut. Jeff, Brandon and Ryan were in Atlanta at the SEC championship tournament (or I should say that due to the tornado, they were in their hotel room watching the tournament on television) so I didn't want to ruin their weekend by telling them the news. On Monday we had an appointment with Brady's surgeon. As soon as he looked in Brady's mouth his face dropped. He was very disappointed that it had split. He said that there were 2 layers and that if the upper layer hadn't split, it was possible that the hole would close on it's own. That night Brady was sitting on a bar stool in the kitchen and fell and hit his face on the floor. Blood poured from his nose and mouth (this has happened a few times when he has fallen and hit his face). I was sure that if that second layer hadn't split before that it had now. We went back to the surgeon 2 weeks later and the hole was smaller. The surgeon said it was 'slamming shut'. We went back again this week and the surgeon said it was a pinhole now. This is very good news for Brady and we are thrilled that God has healed him.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lisa and Jeff,
I have been wondering how you were doing. So thrilled to hear that Brady's palate is closing. He has been through so much but he has awesome parents at his side and an awesome God watching over him. Love the new pics of the girls. How did AnnaClaire grow up so quickly. She was such a beautiful bald baby now she looks like she is ready for school. Time is passing quickly.

Bonnie Mess.

The Byrd Family said...

I look at your blog EVERY DAY! Hoping and Waiting to see new pictures!

Awesome news about Brady...God is an amazing healer!

2China4Ayla said...

I still check in. :o) Glad to see new pictures and to hear an update on Brady. I am shouting praises for this news about Brady's palate. That is just how our God is, huh? Just when you feel your lowest He strikes at you with something super amazing!

Shelley said...

whoooo hooooo Brady!!! Wonderful news!!
Glad you have posted again...I was starting to wonder if a mutiny had occured at the Loos house and you were locked up in a closet somewhere! :-)
Glad all is well...
we miss you guys!!!

Mom To Six said...

I, too, check your blog almost daily, girl!! I love those kiddos of yours.

Wooohooo!! Huge praises to our God that Brady's palate is closing up. That is awesome news.

We thought Kai's palate was reopening after his second surgery, and I too felt exactly as you described it, sucker punched! It was the same type of incident, the top level was sealed, so the lower one eventually closed off. We are 100% intact now.

Hugs to you and your sweeties...


PS I LOVE the pictures!

Julie said...

Thanks so much for updating us. Brady has just been a step before our Sam so I love to keep up with your story - it has helped us more than once. Sam's palate opened back up too and I know that punched in the gut feeling. After all of the suregery and all of the appointments, I felt like the wind was knocked out of my sails. We had done everything exactly like we were told. I am so happy to hear of Brady's healing - God is GOOD...ALL THE TIME!

Angie said...

I read your blog!!!! What an answer to prayer!