Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last few hours of LWB Born in my Heart Auction on Ebay!

As many know, Brady was in a LWB supported orphanage and then in Foster Care also supported by LWB. They make such a difference in the lives of the children in China. Please check out their auctions!

From LWB:

We are down to the final 24 hours of the Love Without Boundaries Born
in my Heart Art Auction! Our auction ends Tuesday, April 29th.

Each amazing auction item will close at the same time of day as it
launched...beginnin g at 9:00 am Pacific Time, and continuing
throughout the day until nearly 8:00 pm Pacific Time. Hopefully the
spacing of the items will allow you to place final bids on all the
items that have captured your heart!

I see some serious bidding wars for some of our auction items, but
want you all to know that there are still some incredible bargains to
be found. There are some amazing pieces of professional art,
photography, prints, etc. that are currently listed at just a
fraction of their worth. We are just over halfway to our goal of
$40,000 to heal eight children...remember , this is all for the kids,
so please bid generously to help heal hearts and save lives!

You can reach our auction on eBay through a link on the homepage of
our website: www.lovewithoutboun daries.com or directly at our
regular eBay store location: http://stores. ebay.com/ Love-Without-

THANK YOU and bless you, to all who have donated or bid on an auction
item this year. You are truly a hero, to some very special child who
needs your help.

Love Without Boundaries
Art Auction Committee
www.lovewithoutboun daries.com

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Julie said...

You are so sweet to always keep us up to date on all of these wondeful ways to support our children's country!

Thanks for your post on Brady's palate shutting on it's own. We just got similar news about Sam! You are always one step ahead of us.

I tagged you on my blog - go check it out. It is an easy one! ;o)