Monday, April 02, 2007


The boards lit up today with TAs and LOAs. I saw lots of January LIDs get LOA, including dates as late as 1/19 (we are 1/8). Our agency is on the West Coast so their LOA calls are made in the evening. I was so sure we were getting our call that I had myself all torn up. I was truly making myself physically ill. I am not sure why it was affecting my so strongly. I was fine on the girls' referral days, but tonight I felt like I was on the verge of a panic attack. As the minutes ticked by I started to realize that the call was not coming. It's weird but once I knew the call was not coming tonight, I started feeling physically better but emotionally rotten. I really hope our LOA comes before my family sends me to the Holiday Inn because they can't stand to be around me anymore.

Even worse, my friend Tonya got skipped. She's waited way longer than she should have had to and then LOAs came into her agency today for LIDs after hers and she still waits.

The bright spot of the day is that Bill and Bonnie have TA for Anna Reese. We are thrilled about that and can't wait to welcome her home.

Here's to an LOA kind of day tomorrow:)


Sue said...

Ok, fingers crossed for the LOA for tomorrow...for you AND for Tonya! I hope you are doing better tonight. Did I tell you that my DH's b'day is 6/14? I believe Brady will be home for a wonderful + awesome 2nd birthday party!!!

Sue Biddle
mom to Dec Dragon Josie
and Feb Lovebug Brynn
and paperchasing #3!

LaLa said...

Come on LOA...tomorrow...soon..and poor Tonya : (

Anonymous said...

I will be praying that you get your LOA tomorrow. LOA...LOA...LOA


2China4Ayla said...

Lisa - I was as disappointed last night about your LOA not coming as I was for our situation. I had put all my energy into hoping for yours after our disappointment. Anyway, I do trust God and believe somehow He will resolve all of this for His glory. Meanwhile I can't wait to see you get your LOA. Your Buddy, Tonya

mommy24treasures said...

I can just imagine the sickness you were feeling in the pit of your stomach :( I am praying you receive your good news. Big hugs and prayers.

blessedbeyondmeasure said...

I am SO WITH YOU! :) Amazing how one day we can be handling the wait "ok" and then the next day, it is unbearable! I am praying for our Guangdong boys and that we both received that pesky LOA VERY SOON!

Wendy D
Levi's momma!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Lisa. Your LOA will arrive when you least expect it. Hoping you hear soon!
Karen (your Feb Lovebug friend)