Friday, April 06, 2007

busy, busy, busy

It's funny how some weeks we have nothing to do and others we seem to be running all the time. This has been one of those busy weeks. We got our LOA Wednesday and sent it right back. When I opened the Fed Ex package Allie said, 'Mom, that's your LOA!' I hadn't even told her that was what it was. Later when I mentioned sending the LOA back she said, 'You can't send the LOA back! You need that to get Brady Daniel.' That's when I had the task of explaining to her that now we wait for TA.

The girls and I went shopping in Pigeon Forge with Aunt Gina yesterday and we shopped 'til we dropped. Jeff was doing a little shopping of his own while we were gone. He finally found a Wii for the boys. That's what they wanted for Christmas and they have been patiently waiting for us to find one. Allie's already beaten Cameron and Ryan at bowling. LOL

Today was our China Angels Easter Egg playdate/hunt. The weather has been so warm that I packed away all the girls' winter clothes. Now it is cold again (it was actually snowing earllier). I had to scramble to find something for the girls to wear today. The playdate/hunt was wonderful. Each child was to find 12 eggs. I was busy with AnnaClaire and Allie ran ahead. When I found her she had about 30 eggs in her basket. I guess she hunted for AnnaClaire too. AnnaClaire was completely uninterested. Our busy week must have taken it's toll because when we got home, the girls were conked out in their carseats.

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The Byrd Family said...

Allie in her carseat asleep reminds me so much of Lottie. They have the same little poochy cheeks and the same mouth. I know we packed all our winter clothes away also and it is supposed to be in the 30's tonight and possible snow flurries tomorrow! This is TEXAS!!! Praying for a speedy TA for you so you can finally bring the rest of your family home. Hugs, Kim