Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Well Hello There:)

I have had several people ask me why I no longer blog. There were several reasons I stopped blogging, none really important though so I figured maybe I should try to give it a go again.

We are all doing well. I am not sure what has changed since the last time I posted because I can't remember. Cameron is now a Sophomore at ETSU and is still living at home. Brandon is a Senior in high school with plans to attend UT next year. Ryan is a Freshman and I swear he's growing an inch each day. Allie is in 1st grade and AnnaClaire and Brady are both in 4 year old preschool. AnnaClaire goes 5 days a week and Brady goes 3 days a week and to speech the other two. They are at the same school but in separate classes. We put our house on the market a year ago September but had no luck. We recently took it off the market for the time being. Maybe we will try again in the spring.

I'll try to add some pictures (including one of Brady's new haircut courtesy of himself) in the next few days.


Kellyann said...

Super THRILLED to see you post again. I have missed you and checking in on the kids. Life gets busy...boy do I know and I only have two kids.

The Byrd's Nest said...

I am so happy you may be blogging again.....I too know how busy your life can be but I just love hearing about how all of you are doing. Love you girl!