Thursday, January 24, 2008


You know your teenager is playing too much Guitar Hero when your 4 year old starts singing 'Paint It Black' and KNOWS THE WORDS!

I signed up AnnaClaire for preschool this morning. We weren't sure if we would send her or Brady at all but decided to go ahead and send just her. I think Brady will benefit from one on one time with me and AnnaClaire would probably like an occasional break from him too. We'll see how it goes and if he is upset about not getting to go, we can take a slot when one opens up during the school year. We'll definitely send them both for 4 year old preschool.

Can you believe it is time to order Cameron's cap and gown? YIKES! I am off to do that now...

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The Byrd Family said...

So excited for AnnaClaire going to school! You will enjoy your time alone with Brady. When Emma came home Lottie was going to school two days a week and Lottie pleaded with me each time she went for Emma to come with her.

This year we put them in the same class and it didn't work out very well. They work better for their teachers when they are seems they would team up on other children acting as a unit! LOL But now, when I get Emma out of her room and walk to Lottie's room they scream each other's names and throw their arms around each other like they haven't seen each other in years! Very sweet! I look forward to hearing how well she does! (Sorry for the long post!)