Wednesday, January 16, 2008

You Guys Kill Me!

Yes, AnnaClaire is potty-trained. Just like her older siblings, she simply decided one day that she was ready. It's been so nice only changing Brady and not Brady AND AnnaClaire who always seemed to poop in tandem. We'll be going out this weekend to let her pick out a special treat. Brady's been telling me sometimes when he needs to pee pee but he is a ways from being trained. I really can't believe that AnnaClaire is trained because she is the first of my kids to be trained before age 3. Woo Hoo!

Sorry that our news wasn't a new daughter like some of you thought. Actually, since Jeff has started his own business we don't currently qualify (because we can't prove income) so I can assure you there will be no adoption announcements. We are happy to rejoice with you all who are in the process and to pray for those special little ones who wait.

Brady's surgery has been confirmed for Monday, March 10. He'll get to eat cake on his sisters' birthdays but he won't be able to have candy for Easter. I think the Easter Bunny might just bring all the little ones non edible treats this year.


Sue said...

Wow!!! Hooray AC!!! Those January pics are terrific. AC's hair is looking so nice and long! She is such a pretty girl!

I can only imagine doing those diapers for two! I don't think we'll have B out of diapers by next month when she is 3...although I've been showing her some pretty pink panties as incentives!!!

Will keep Brady in our prayers. Glad he can enjoy his sister's parties before the surgery!

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The Byrd Family said...

Hooray for AnnaClaire! So thankful Brady's surgery is after his sister's birthday's so he can have cake and ice cream.

I will be praying for him to heal quickly!