Friday, August 17, 2012

First Day of School Pics

Summer went by so fast.  I can't believe the middles and Ryan have already started back to school.  Yesterday when Brady got in the car after his first full day of school he said, 'that was the longest day EVER.'  I guess 2nd grade isn't quite as fun as first.  Today was better for him and he decided he liked his teacher.  He was still undecided yesterday.  The girls both have male teachers and Brady's bummed because he 'always gets a girl'.  Life's tough, buddy.  :)

AnnaClaire seems happy with her teacher.  She always just goes with the flow with very little complaint.  Of all the kids, she is the one who makes sure I see her paperwork from school first thing when we walk in the door from school (instead of first thing in the morning).  She is still so painfully shy.  I am hoping this will be her year to come out of her shell and let others see what an amazing little girl she is.
Allie has the same teacher that she had last year.  She's pretty happy about that. She also has a friend from last year in her class again.  Our school is very large so that is a rarity.  She and her friend talked on the phone all afternoon.  Does that sort of thing start this young these days?  Oy!  


Sheryl said...

Love the update, Lisa! I think I may never go back to blogging :( Looking forward to following the next few months!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Yay for great first days!!!! I never thought of AnnaClaire as shy? She never seems shy in her pictures...sweet little thing:)


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Smilen Champ said...

My name is Jenna, Your kids are beautiful princesses, and handsome boys. They are all special miracle's from god, gift's from above, and an earthly angel.
I hope Ryan and the middles have a great year in school, and have lots of fun. Also Congrats on Cameron graduating from college and getting married to the best daughter in law, and wonderful wife.
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