Thursday, August 30, 2012


Coralie in the outfit she was wearing when we met.
It's been two years and it still brings tears to my eyes that Coralie is ours.  I know I've shared these thoughts before, but not sure if I've shared them here.  We first saw Coralie on ASIA's website in December, 2009.  I immediately emailed about "Wednesday" (Coralie) and another little girl on the list.  Both were already being reviewed, but we were 2nd in line for both.  About a week later, we learned that both families were proceeding with the adoptions of the girls.  I was pretty heartbroken because...get this...I was SURE the other little girl was meant to be ours.  It shames me to tell you that I told Marci (ASIA's AWESOME Waiting Child Coordinator) to please let me know if the other little girl became available again by some chance.  I didn't even mention Wednesday.  About 2 weeks later I got an email that Wednesday was again available and did we want to review her file.  I knew the answer was yes.  It seemed that her special need was a bit more involved than originally thought and was not very common.  We were sent her file the week of Christmas 2009.  We had one week to make the decision on whether we wanted to pursue her or not.  The day came that we had to tell Marci 'yes' or 'no'.  We woke up still not knowing which way to go.  Finally-as it typically happens-Jeff said, 'let's do it'.  From that second on, she was 100% our girl, but until that moment it could have easily gone either way.  From time to time, I think about that.  How easily it could have been 'no'.  Never once have had that thought without tears because I couldn't bear life without her.  She's an amazing treasure and I am the most blessed mama in the world to be able to call her mine.    


The Byrd's Nest said...

She is truly a blessing:)

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she is nice too
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Kelly Raudenbush said...

On behalf of the team with The Sparrow Fund, I'm excited to share an opportunity with all of you! As the next volunteer team prepares to go, we want to put together a book of updates on children who have been adopted from Baoji over the years. We would love as many families as possible to be included as we have seen that these updates truly bless and encourage the staff there.
Here are the details to be included. Email no later than August 31st with the subject line "Baoji update: YOUR LAST NAME" and the following:
1 - your child's Chinese name, your child's current name as you want shared with the staff, and the city and/or state/country where you currently live.
2 - one picture of your child as a baby or child from his or her time at Baoji, a referral picture, or a picture from your adoption trip.
3 - up to four update pictures. These may be family pictures, pictures of your child playing a sport or instrument or doing a favorite hobby, etc. Send the highest quality images possible. Send multiple emails if needed.
4 - a few sentences (English only) that you would like included with the update.
We would like to give each family a full page in the book. We are asking that each family who wants to be included help us defray the large financial cost to execute these trips by donating a minimum suggested amount of $50. Whatever money is donated from you all will pay for the book first and then a cash donation for the orphanage. Any remaining balance will be used by The Sparrow Fund for the orphan care fund and other programs as needed. Your donations are fully tax deductible as The Sparrow Fund is a 501c3 nonprofit, and we hope you will give generously! If the suggested donation is too much of a hardship for your family, please contact us directly. We do not want financial hardship to exclude anyone.
Donations can be made via the donation page on Any questions? Let us know! We are really excited about this project and our upcoming trip! Help us spread the word to other Baoji families!

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