Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A Day Like No Other

Four years ago today, I got a call from Emily at GWCA saying that we had a daughter. A few minutes later, I opened my email and there she was, my daughter Qiu Xiao Lian. My Allie. The child of my dreams. The most beautiful little girl I had ever seen. I was completely smitten. I still am:)

Nothing short of a 'God Thing', exactly 2 years later on October 3, 2005 we got a call from Sherry at HFS that we had another daughter. A sweet little roly poly named Zhuang Lu Qiao. She came into our lives with a huge smile on her face and we have the honor of seeing that smile every single day. My AnnaClaire is as close to an angel as you can get here on earth.

AnnaClaire's Travel Journal
We had such a thing going with this October 3rd date that last year when we were waiting for PA for our little Shan Le Qiang, I really hoped (prayed even) that we would get our PA on the 3rd. There was a post to the CHI group that nothing had been mailed from CCAA before the holiday. I was a tiny bit disappointed that our little man wouldn't share this day with his sisters, but trusted in God's always perfect timing. On October 4, 2006 my phone rang and it was Terri from CHI (House). I was a bit worried about why she would be calling since I knew nothing had been mailed. She told me that we had PA! I said I thought that nothing had been mailed and she said that they had been very surprised when they received them 'last night'. Can you say TEARS??? My sweet boy's PA arrived at our agency on October 3, 2006!!!! God is absolutely TOO GOOD to me. Really. And you know what? That sweet, precious, wild, crazy little boy that God entrusted to me said 'I LOVE YOU' as clear as a bell to me today! With his wide cleft nothing is clear but I said I love you to him and he said it right back...with a big grin. I tell you, GOD IS JUST TOO GOOD TO ME! Thank you Lord for all my blessings. I can't imagine anything sweeter than to be the wife of Jeff and the mother of these six children.

Brady's Travel Journal


mommy24treasures said...

happy special day friend.
The day that you can always remember God is in control.

LaLa said...

Wow...I remember when you got AnnaClaire's call...good thing the 28th wasn't included b/c Sept 1 is not your special day : )

Glad you heard those sweet words today....

The Byrd Family said...

I remember clinging to Allie's pictures before travelling to get Lottie. Nothing like those chubby little Yangxi cheeks! And then I remember AnnaClaire's referral and I always thought she was the cutest little peanut on that rocking horse! And then Mr. Brady came along....I know he is a handful but I too remember the first time Emma Jane told me she loved me. Almost better than when Lottie did because I struggled more with Emma. Brady has the biggest, most beautiful eyes. God placed all six of your children with the most wonderful and loving and Jeff. I love special days and I love your family!

Denna said...

That is sweet. I am happy for you Lisa. I remember the day you got Anna Clair's referral like it was yesterday.

2China4Ayla said...

Lisa, My eyes watered as I read your post. I too remember wishing, hoping and waiting for AC referral, and then the news of Brady and being disappointed right along beside you when you were not going to get that PA on the 3rd....and then the surprise. I love that God confirmed in your heart with each of your little ones this special day.