Thursday, May 15, 2008

It is closed!

Brady had another appointment with his surgeon today. We usually get the latest appointment time so that I don't have to take the girls, but they didn't have an opeing available this time so I had to drag them along. It was a nightmare. Brady and AnnaClaire fighting over a chair and both refusing my lap THEN minutes later fighting over my lap. Allie then started elbowing AnnaClaire. I guess if your brother and sister are causing your mom to become a sweaty, frustrated mess why would you want to miss out on that fun? There were two other patients in the waiting room. One (a man) said to the other (a woman) 'makes me wish I had three'. As she looked at him like she was trying to decide whether he was on drugs or just kidding (I really think he was serious), I was making a note to self to never ever even consider bringing the girls again. Ever. Did I say never? Cause I mean never. When they called us back, I said 'thank you Lord!' and I am pretty sure I heard an amen from the woman. It didn't get better once we were in the back. Brady threw a fit because they didn't have time to ride him up and down on the table and then because I wouldn't let him play with the magnifying glass when the nurse wasn't there to help. Then AnnaClaire whopped Allie in the nose with her HEAD. When the doctor finally came in, both Allie and AnnaClaire were crying and Brady still had big tears rolling down his face. But the minute the doctor came in Brady calmed down and did everything he was told. I told him he was like the 'Brady Whisperer'. It's really amazing. He looked in Brady's mouth and said the palate was closed! How awesome is that?! Brady doesn't have to go back to see him until July. I am so happy for my little man.


mommy24treasures said...

boy I am so glad to hear there is another mom that has days like me! Sometimes you go places with people and their kids act SO PERFECT you come home a little depressed;)
I am so thankful Brady's surgery was a success!
Praise God.

Julie said...

That is wonderful news about Brady. Sam's appointment is in June and we are hoping for similar news!

As for the kids, I think we live the same life! People used to comment on how well behaved my 3 boys were and since Emma and Sam came along, I know they all think I have lost my mind. It just goes to show you that God has a sense of humor!

LaLa said...

What wonderful news!!! Sorry you had to endure the three of them but of course you already know what a blessing having all three really yeah, the man may have been serious : )