Thursday, June 21, 2007

Birthday Pics

Popaw's girl

Brady with Uncle Ronnie

Gifts for the girls. Part of MeeAll's 'No Child Left Behind' Act.

Grandma and Cousin Mason

Left handed just like Mommy and Daddy


mommy24treasures said...

aww... How odd Lisa, Danny and I are BOTH left handed as well.
Love the pics!

The Byrd Family said...

He is so precious! Thankful to see the new pictures!! Love, Kim

LaLa said...

What a sweetie!!! Looks like a fun day : )

Shelly & Family! said...

I love the photos! I was waiting to see more of your family since Brady came home. (btw...I am left handed too...we thought Francesca was going to be also, but that has changed since being home).

Jenny said...

Interesting...Karen is left handed, too. Bryan was also, but when he went to school they forced him to use his right hand, and now he switches depending upon the task.