Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Brady!

We'll have his party with cake and presents on Saturday, but we had cupcakes after dinner tonight to celebrate Brady's big day.


mommy24treasures said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!!!!!!

jiangxigirls said...

Happy birthday Brady!! Glad everyone is home safe, sound and above all happy!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Brady!! Love that great big smile full of icing. :o)

Julie said...

So glad to see an update! Happy birthday Brady!! What a great present - to be at home with your family!

Shelly & Family! said...

Happy Birthday Brady! I have been waiting to see photos since you arrived home! Everyone looks like they they are having a great time & I can't wait to see the photos from his birthday party this weekend!

Denna said...

Happy birthday Brady. You are such a cutie.

The Byrd Family said...

She has finally surfaced!!! Happy Birthday little Brady! Glad you are all together! Love, Kim

LaLa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADY!! So glad you are all settling in..and happy for an update : ) Looking forward to many more pics from the party on Saturday.

Aunt Gina said...

Happy Happy Birthday BRADY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Brady! Glad to see you've made it back to the blog. Two 2yr olds can really wear you out:-) Looking forward to more updates.
Karen (your Moonbeam/Lovebug friend)

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Brady! So happy to see the whole family is together at last! Such a beautiful are all so blessed!
Cindy A
Jan2007DTC Yahoo group

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Brady!!!

Glad to see the new pics! Can't wait for an update on how everyone is adjusting. Looking at that smiling face and seeing his shining eyes, I see a very happy boy who is surrounded by LOVE!!! He is just beaming!!!

blessedbeyondmeasure said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE BACK ONLINE! I have missed updates on your sweet Brady!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy some cake for me too!

Levi's momma
Waiting for TA