Thursday, August 30, 2007

We're home

Sorry for the late update. We had no internet access at the hospital.

Brady is doing pretty well. They were able to close most of the palate but he still has a good size hole near his gumline. He'll have another surgery next year to correct that and any other holes that may form. The arm restraints (no-no's) are a joke and we have struggled with keeping them on even without him messing with them. It's going to be a real challenge over the next 3 weeks. It seems to hurt him when he swallows and he is letting saliva pool in his mouth which is causing him to drool like a fiend. The drool is bloody and smells awful. He's been eating crunched popsicles and some stage one baby food. He is refusing most liquids but has had a bit of apple juice and Hawaiian Punch. At the hospital they had me try to give him Jello, pudding, and soup which was all refused. I felt so bad when he brought me his snack cup and a box of cereal when we first got back home. He's having a hard time accepting the fact that he can't have cereal for a while. At the hospital he was pushing my hand away when I tried to comfort him but then would cry for me when I wasn't standing right by the crib. He is very upset with me for letting this all happen to him. When Jeff would come into the hospital room, Brady would go crazy reaching for him like he knew his Daddy would rescue him from the meaness his Mom was forcing him to endure. Allie was very upset to see Brady after surgery and cried for most of her visit. It was much harder than I had anticipated seeing him so vulnerable and in pain. I am not sure how I am going to deal with the 'several more' surgeries the surgeon told me that he would need. I just want to scoop him up and protect him from any more pain. We are happy to be home now and are thankful for all the thoughts and prayers.


mommy24treasures said...

oh Lisa I wish I could make it all go away... I am sorry for your rough time. It will get better each day. His heart will know you love him. it will... Love conquers all. You will make it through this. Really.
Love and Prayers

The Smiths said...

Hang in there Lisa. I think Brady will amaze you with how fast he recovers from this. Our Kai had palate surger on July 19. Afterward he was in pain and refused nearly all liquids, pudding, jello, etc and was really, really angry with me. After one week, Kai felt significantly better and was in a GREAT mood. We hope and pray that Brady has a similar experince.

Take care,
Scott and Mary Smith (your travelmates in Guangzhou)

The Byrd Family said...

Praying for all of you Lisa. It has to be hard at his age because he doesn't understand. I know how hurtful it is though as a Mommy when they push you away. Praying fervently my friend.