Friday, November 13, 2009

Something Amazing Happened


The other night after dinner we were clearing the table and Jeff pointed at the trashcan and mouthed something I didn't understand. I flipped up the lid and there it was-Cameron's cup (see The Experiment post). I looked over and Cameron was standing by the counter. I asked him if he had thrown out the cup and-as hard as it is to believe-it was him. Whoa! After only 11 days! I told him that we had intended to decorate it for the holidays. He told me no worries because he had several more in his bedroom. :eyeroll:


Ohilda said...


Shelly and Family said...

Just way too funny - I guess this is what I am going to have to look forward to when they hit those teenage years...

The Byrd's Nest said...

Ewww....teenage boys are so yucky with the things in their room! Funny,

Don and Lisa Osborn said...

Hi Lisa~

For a long time now I have seen your posts on several blogs I visit (when I make the rounds), as well as my Facebook account-- because we have mutual friends--and thought it was high time to say "hello" to another mommy blessed by the gift of adoption.

You have a beautiful family and such a fun blog. I love this story. I've tried to do conducts tests like this with hubby but usually give in. The fact that you were going to have the kids decorate the cup is hysterical!

Many blessings~
Mommy to Lindy from Changsha (4.5)
Waiting for her mei mei from Taiwan