Thursday, September 01, 2011

Little Man has Surgery...again!


My little trouper had a fistula repair on Tuesday.  We were told to get to the hospital at 9:00am but they didn't get him into surgery until after 4:00pm.  Poor little guy was starving!  Whenever he has surgery, I bring along a bag of fun stuff for him.  This time I threw in a new game for his DSi.  It was our saving grace.  Without it, he would have been climbing the walls after lying in that bed all those hours.  He was so good.  His surgery lasted about an hour and a half.  The doctor was pleased with the result.  I may be crazy, but it really seems that his speech is more clear and less nasally already.  We came home early on Wednesday and Brady was back to 100% almost immediately.  He can't go back to school until next Tuesday and he is bored to death all day while Allie and AnnaClaire are at school.  He asks constantly when Ryan and the girls will be home.  We go back to the doctor in October to see how the repair is healing and see where we go from here.  Hopefully, he'll get a break from surgeries for a while.  Two in four months is a lot for a little guy...unless you score a DSi game each time.  :)

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