Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brady's Surgery (and other rambling)

Brady's surgery is scheduled for August 29th. I am a bit disappointed because I know of kids that came home after him that have already had their surgery, but we'll take what we can get. We have to be at the hospital at 5:00 am for surgery at 8:00 am. The ENT will put tubes in his ears first, which should take about 15 minutes and then the palate repair will start and they estimate it will take about 2 hours. When we went to the ENT appointment on Tuesday, they did some tests where we all had to be very still and very quiet. Brady is neither. Cameron and I sat there in amazement as Brady was a perfect little angel while they did the tests. He was SO GOOD. He let them look in his ears, nose and mouth, stick things in his ears and pretty much poke and prod him and he was as quiet and still as could be.

The big boys are back at their friends' in Knoxville until Monday, so it's just the little ones right now. We went to Golden Corral for dinner last night. Brady didn't do as well as he did at the Chinese Buffet but it wasn't as bad as eating out with him in China. I don't think we are ready for a sit down and order restaurant just yet. We got lots of comments on what a beautiful family that we have and not one 'hands full' comment;)

Brady finally did the sign for 'more' this morning. I have been trying to get him to do it since day one. He was too stubborn and refused to sign it. He even started saying 'more' even though the cleft doctor said that with a palate as wide as Brady's he wouldn't be able to talk. (He also said 'hot' as clear as a bell last night) This morning he had a Gerber Graduate Cereal Bar and then started signing 'more'. I was so proud.

There is a little boy in the neighborhood that has taken up with Allie. We were doing yardwork last weekend so they played together and now he comes over and rings the doorbell all the time wanting her to play. She's just too young to be running all over the neighborhood without an adult so I don't let her go. Yesterday she was upset with me and asked why she couldn't go play. I told her that she was too little to be outside without an adult and she said, 'My boyfriend will take care of me. He won't let anything happen to me.' I said, 'who is your boyfriend?' and she said, 'you know that little boy in the blue shirt?' (referring to the olympic gold winning doorbell ringer) 'he's my boyfriend.' Ugh, I think we are going to have to move. Maybe to a remote island somewhere. With no boys. Except brothers.


The Byrd Family said...

That story about Allie is too precious! Hilarious she doesn't know his name....just "my boyfriend"! Four is an awesome age!

I am always amazed at how quickly Emma Jane picked up English. She still babbles quite often in Korean and we have no clue what she is saying but she can sing lots of songs in English and can sing most of the alphabet. Pretty good for only being here 7 months...I couldn't do that well if I moved to another country! I think you will be amazed also at Brady's ability to grasp our language as well! He is such a tiny little thing, he reminds me of Lottie. Love the pictures of them all! They are precious!

mommy24treasures said...

Well, one good thing about waiting on his surgery is it gives you some more time to bond with him before such pain and discomfort. I have heard from alot of parents that waited purposely for that reasn and were glad. I know you are anxious to get it done though I would be too.
Cute as always!

Denna said...

Connie took the words right out of my mouth. You will have longer to bond before the surgery, so that is a good thing.
That is to funny about Allie. She is a beautiful little girl. You are going to have to keep your eyes open.

Mom To Six said...

HA! Lisa, Allie's comments cracked me up. Toooo cute!!

I know exactly how you are feeling about Brady. We've been thru the MAJOR surgery and now are getting ready for surgery # 2 next month. He will fly through it. We'll be keeping him (and you!) in our prayers.