Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sand and Water Fun

We finally put together the sand and water table I bought in the spring and it was a huge hit (even with the big kids). The little ones all played together for probably a solid hour before AnnaClaire decided to blow some bubbles. I don't think we have ever had a toy that has kept them entertained for that amount of time. By the end of the afternoon, it was a huge mess. Jeff asked if I was sure it wasn't a sand OR water table. LOL

FYI, AnnaClaire and Allie both picked out their own clothes today:)


The Byrd Family said...

Yes, Lottie is in that phase now picking out her own clothes. Of course, they never match but I just let her unless it is something important! She feels so proud of herself for some reason just picking out what she is going to wear! Silly little monkey! I love all the new pictures and it looks like they had fun with the sand AND water!!!!

Sue said...

What fun!!! Yesterday, Josie went to gymnastics with her t-shirt, shorts and pink suede cowgirl boots! I got smiles from the moms and confused looks from the younger kids! We have a water table and it is a big hit. Yup - so far it has only had water in it... I guess I'm not brave like you!