Thursday, July 05, 2007

First Outing With All The Little Ones

Last Saturday, we went to the outlets in Pigeon Forge and then up to the mountains. The kids were all actually pretty good. Yeah! We even ate at a Chinese buffet and it went well. Brady didn't have any meltdowns though he did yell at us whenever one of us was up at the buffet getting food. While at the outlets, we got the question...I knew it would happen someday, but wasn't expecting it the first time that we were all out together...'Are they triplets?' Okay, twins I understand. I myself would probably assume that Brady and AnnaClaire were twins since they are so close in age, but TRIPLETS? I also counted about 50 'You've got your hands full' comments. LOL They don't know the half of it:)

He's supposed to be posing for a group shot:)

Brady's first Krystal...HE LOVED it!

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The Byrd Family said...

What awesome pictures...I love his huge grin! But it does have a mischevious look about it also. LOL! Triplets?? People say the strangest things...twins...yes but not triplets. Glad you had an enjoyable time, seems little Brady likes his big brothers! Still praying for you and have you on our prayer list at church. Big Hugs, Kimberley