Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boys, Boys, Boys

I watched this video and it made me sad. I have 4 boys and they bring me so much happiness. I can't imagine why people wouldn't want a son. After watching this video, I don't know how people could see it and not start looking for their son immediately. Be still my heart!

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LaLa said...

Thanks for the cry!! I can't imagine not having a son and it makes me sad to know how close we were to that happening. We requested a girl AYAP..a sister for Annslee. When VietNam was shutting down to the US our agency said we needed to be open to either gender in hopes of a referral. We thought about it..my husband was unsure ... we thought some more..we changed our paperwork. IF we had waited ONE more week to change it we would NOT have Coby...breaks my heart to even type it. Boys are such a blessing and they LOVE their Mommies : )