Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Um, I think I need a new blog header

Brady boy turned 6 yesterday. I know! 6!!! It's mind boggling to me how fast my babies are growing up even when I've vowed not to let it pass by as quickly as it did for the older boys. Kids grow up. Quickly. TOO quickly. (excuse me while I go get a tissue) Miss Coralie is 3 AND A HALF officially today. Only 6 months until she is 4. Ack! How does it all happen in a blink of an eye? Anyway, about the header. Look at Ryan. That one really cracks me up. Dude is now over 6 feet tall and he's an itty bitty guy in that group shot. Brady's not even in the group shot! Coralie isn't in the header at all. I really need to work on a new header. Maybe if I mention it here, I'll actually start doing something about it instead of filing it on my mile long 'to do someday' list.


Ashton said...
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Ashton said...

As I was reading through your blog I realized that my sister and your daughter are at the same place! They are about the same age too. I thought that was so very cool because I stumbled upon your blog :) Good Luck with the new blog header..I just finished adding my sweet sister to mine. :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

(hee hee) I was just thinking this the other are WAY behind sister!!!!