Thursday, August 04, 2011


We are moving right along and I am so excited.  Our USCIS officer was out of the office all week and won't be back until the 8th.   I thought that might cost us some time but another officer was working on our officer's  caseload and she approved us today-16 days after mailing!  Not bad.  Now we wait to be cabled.  Hopefully that will happen in a week or so.  As exciting as it all is to make progress, it may not matter that things go quickly for us due to the way our agency travels.  They travel in groups the last weekend of the month.  With the first of October being a holiday, the September group will go early so we can't make that group.  With the trade fair in October, they may not send a group so we'd have to wait until the end of November (shoot me now).  I really hope we can go the end of October.  That would put us meeting Cecilia on Halloween.  I hate to miss Halloween with my littles but there's nothing more important right now than getting CeCe home with us!  We are getting closer!


Mike and Sharon said...

Wahoo! GUZ in two weeks, then TA after that. You go girl!! Why can't you make the September group? I think you can!

More Kids 4 Me said...

YAY!!! So exciting!!! :):):)

Jennifer said...

Love your great news!! I am praying you get to travel in October!