Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Do you know someone looking for their daughter? Are you?

There is a beautiful 8 year old girl from Brady's orphanage who is now on the shared waiting child list and in need of a home. Please read about her on the Love Without Boundaries blog.

LWB fought for many years to get Fen's file submitted for adoption again but the CCAA didn't think anyone would want to adopt a child like Fen (????). I hope all that advocating for her was not in vain. It's a good thing for Jeff that we don't qualify currently or I would be filling out the paperwork right this minute.


The Morris Family said...

Oh my-(yep- I cried) Thanks for posting this Lisa- I pray she will be united with the family God wants for her- and soon-

Blessings- Karen Morris

Shelley said...

Oh Lisa...there are some huge crowns waiting for you in heaven my dear...I have NO DOUBT that you would be filling out paperwork on this precious little munchkin!!! Tell Jeff to hop to it so you CAN fill out some more paperwork!!!!
love ya