Sunday, June 08, 2008

Lake Day!

Jeff took Cameron, Brandon, Ryan and Allie up to the lake to camp on Friday night and AnnaClaire, Brady and I joined them the next day. It was HOT and we got baked, but we had a great time (well, most of us). The girls begged to camp another night so I headed home with the boys while Jeff and the girls stayed beind. That lasted until about an hour after dark when Allie started crying for her brothers and her mommy. Then AnnaClaire decided that she wanted to come home too. So poor Jeff had to pack everything up in the dark and load up the boat, head back to the dock and bring them home. He's a softie! I think I would have told them 'too bad, so sad!'

Cameron LOVES the lake!

boating is hard work.


The Byrd Family said...

Boating really IS hard me anyway!! I love all the pictures!!!

Karen said...

what fun! great photos, as always!

Mom To Six said...

Sounds like lots of fun!! And again, you remind me so much of ME! I would have also told them, "you wanted to stay...suck it up!" heh!



mommy24treasures said...

love all the pics. What a sweet daddy.
Brady looks so serious about his boating!

Michelle said...

Great pictures Lisa ;-) I'm sure that everyone had fun on the boat..