Wednesday, June 04, 2008

BIG NEWS! Woo Hoo!

Those of you who know Cameron and Brandon are going to fall out of your chairs and those who don't are going to think 'what took so long?'

Drumroll Please.....................

I am now the proud (and very nervous) mother of
TWO LICENSED DRIVERS! ACK! Not only that but Brandon drove somewhere by HIMSELF this afternoon and we both lived to tell about it! I don't know whether to celebrate or medicate!


Karen said...

Watch out! LOL! That's great--congrats!

2China4Ayla said...

That is big news....CONGRATS to both of them. I certainly am not looking for the day my girls get their license...but Hannah is already anxious! Heaven Help me.
I loved the God Moment story about your music minister. I have no doubt you will help Brady reach his highest potential - whether that is a brain surgeon or not I have no idea but I know he is and was created for a specific and wonderful purpose....and being cute is just as added bonus, because that boy sure is CUTE!