Thursday, June 26, 2008

My girl

Allie has been a rascal lately. I am not sure what is up with her but she's been doing some destructive things. There's been a lot of talk between Jeff and I about selling the house and I think that is one thing that is possibly affecting her. She did announce on Sunday that she is ready to move, but she's so fickle I am sure she'll change her mind again. As we consider our options about house size, we have also talked about Cameron heading off to college soon (at least by the time our house would sell-he'll be living at home for the fall semester) and I know that affects her too. She and Cameron are very tight. She and AnnaClaire share a room now and each have their names hanging over their beds. Yesterday she pulled most of AnnaClaire's letters off the wall, breaking one in the process. I was beyond mad with her. Anyhow, this morning she is being a doll. I have had a migraine for a few days and haven't done much. She came into my room a while ago and declared that it was lunchtime. She said she was going to make me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich since I was sick. Of course, I got tears in my eyes that my baby girl was taking care of me. I hugged her and said, 'Oh Allie, I love you so much' to which she said 'I am going to miss you when you die'. What am I going to do with this kid?:)


LaLa said...

Oh, I know you were angry about those letters....I remember when you got them (too much orange right? LOL) I didn't know y'all were planning a move.

I love that she is taking care of you....that comment made me laugh ; )

Anonymous said...

I linked into your website from the Gymbofriends board. I have a 3 year old from Jiangxi and we also live in Tennessee. Your children are beautiful!

P.S. I too have migraines but I think I have found a cure. Praise GOD! Email me and if you're interested in more info.

The Morris Family said...

Oh my! Too precious and funny! thanks for the laughs- made my husband read this after he got home from provided him some much needed levity as well!

Sturgill said...

It's funny and a little sad at the same time. Allie seems to be taking the possible move hard. I remember when Bryan was four. We had to move about three times in one year. That last move Bryan hid in his closet and cried telling us what mean parents we were. He still hates moving.

The Byrd Family said...

I'm sorry but I am rolling on the floor laughing at her comment about missing you when you die! She cracks me up!!

We are putting our house on the market on July 1st....I'll be praying for you and the small ones.

Shelley said...

Oh boy...we sure went through this with Aly with our two big moves. Of course she was also dealing with losing both of her grandmothers, but it was stressfull none the less. This recent trip to JC was what finally helped her to get over the hump. Instead of always wanting to know when we were going back "home" (home being JC) she asked (later that day that we came by to see you guys)when we were going "home". I wasn't sure where she meant so I asked her and she said, "St. Augustine with Poppy!" I was thrilled!!!
Allie is a fighter alright...she will get through it. Of course having you and Jeff doesn't hurt!! That is her best defense!!
Love ya

Kellyann said...

Fun times at the Loos house huh? They keep you hopping and guessing don't they? I hope things settle down some. Funny that I expected this type of reaction from my ornery TJ but she was good about. I am thankful. I hope this passes for Allie soon.

mommy24treasures said...

missing you! How is Ms Allie doing?

LaLa said... me at We are coming to JC and wanted to say hi but I keep getting your email kicked back?