Monday, February 05, 2007


Sometimes in the morning Allie will come down to our bed and ask to snuggle (She's been sleeping in her bed since Christmas...YEAH!). This morning she came to my side of the bed and asked to snuggle so I pulled back the cover for her to climb in. She snuggled right up to me and we were cheek to cheek. She inhaled and said,'You smell like beautiful'. I think that might be the sweetest compliment anyone has ever given me.


The Byrd Family said...

That is a precious moment! How did you get her back in her own bed...that's what I'd like to hear! Lottie has been sleeping with us since Emma Jane came home in December. I do love it though right before we go to sleep and she rolls over before she puts her blankie & thumb in her mouth and says, "I wuvs you Mommy". just melts you! Hugs, Kimberley

LaLa said...

What a sweet moment! Annslee sleeps with me when Dada is out of town...we giggle and say "Girls night!!" I don't like hearing from you and Kimberly about the big girl getting back in bed with us...should I be concerned when Malia comes home.???