Tuesday, February 06, 2007

It's Always *Something*

Sigh...Today I received an email from my Social Worker that the agency that we used to adopt AnnaClaire never received our 6 month Post Placement report. It was due EIGHT months ago. Our former SW had retired and the homestudy agency had not yet hired a new SW for this area so (after cancelling on me TWICE) the SW from Knoxville came up and did our post placement. Our first SW never sent us a copy of Allie's PP reports, so it didn't alarm me that I never got a copy of the report from her. I just assumed that she had sent it because surely our agency would let us know if they had not. WRONG! They never received it and never bothered to let us know that...not even when the PP director and I were emailing about the instructions for the 12 month PP report. It gets better:) The SW that I had the 6 month PP meeting with resigned from the HS agency and they can't get her to return calls inquiring about our report, nor can they find our report in her files or on her computer. So, we are scrambling trying to write up a report that should have been written 8 months ago. I had to visit some of my groups and cut and paste AnnaClaire 'updates' and email them to our currrent SW. I called the Doctor's office and got measurements from last June and I have printed out new pics. Our SW sent me the completed report for approval tonight. I hope that this does not affect Brady's adoption. I emailed my new agency and they said that it shouldn't be a problem but to get the report in RIGHT AWAY because China DOES check to make sure families have done them. If they go to review our file and it isn't there, I have no idea what will happen. Will they pull our file? Will they reject us? I was finally getting to a point in this adoption where I was feeling stress free. HA!
The picture above is from April 2005. It is one of the pics that I am sending in the report.


Denna said...

Oh Lisa. I am so sorry. I can not imagine the stress you are going through. (((HUGS)))
HFS should have let you known this months ago.

The Byrd Family said...

Ugh! That is so annoying..our prayers are with you.

LaLa said...

Grrr...I can't stand it when people we pay big $$$ to, and we do our part..don't do theirs! I think the CCAA is way to busy to check on your old file..no worries.

Sue said...

Ugh. I was excited to check out your blog and say congrats on your LID, but am so sad to read about your pp report problems. I hope that it sneaks in and that the CCAA doesn't even know it was late! Glad to hear Brady is in foster care. And yes, he has gorgeous eyelashes!!!

Sue B