Friday, February 09, 2007

Valentine Girls

Today our local China group, Our China Angels, had it's Valentine Playdate. Since Allie had on clothing for once, I took a few pics. The look on AnnaClaire's face in the third pic is 'Don't mess with the sippy!' I wanted to take some pictures without it, but I could get pics of a crying child without it or a non crying child with it. Click here to see how they have changed from last year.

For those keeping score, Allie has passed on the name Strawberry to AnnaClaire. Allie has decided that she will now be known as Blossom. She's got the most incredible imagination. Ryan had an imaginary friend named Tring when he was little but it was nothing like Allie and her imaginary friend. Allie's imaginary friend is Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a girl (what were her parents thinking?) and she teaches Allie lots of cool stuff. When we go to Ryan's ballgames Jeremiah sits on the side of the bleachers where Allie is not allowed to go. Jeremiah spends quite a bit of time at our house. Thank goodness she doesn't eat much!

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LaLa said...

Love it..yeah, gotta choose your battles on the sippy cup. My 4 yr old neighbor has a "husband" named Haxton. I have heard her on the phone with him...once she said," oh so you aren't making it for dinner..playing golf again? " I looked at her mom and she said..hmmmmmm LOL