Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Allie has been bugging me for months to sign her up for 'ginmastics'. I finally bit the bullet and she is now officially signed up. Last night was her first class. When I was little and took gymnastics, there was not one piece of equipment in the entire place. This gym has everything. Jeff said he felt like we were training her for the olympics. When Allie is in a new situation she can be rather clingy. Not this time. She marched right into her class and didn't bat an eye when we left (Parents watch through a mirrored window). She did exactly what they told her to do. She was such a good listener and took it all so seriously. They had drawings of hands and feet on the floor and equipment to show where to put your hands and feet and she was very careful to make sure she did each one exactly right. She had a great time and can't wait to go back next week. Jeff was off yesterday for President's Day and he came too but her first class was supposed to be last week when he wasn't off and he was going to come home early so he wouldn't miss her class (we ended up having to cancel because she was sick). He was just as excited about it as she was. He was even inviting people to come watch! Isn't that sweet?


The Byrd Family said...

I can't wait for Lottie to do ginmastics!! I think she must be double jointed, she has extreme flexibility! I hope Allie loves it! The Byrd Family

Becky said...

Olivia has been taking "nastics" for about a year and a half and LOVES it! We are taking a short break right now but will pick back up next month. Congrats Allie!