Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shantou Boys

Our agency (Children's House International) recently got their new list of waiting children. There were 6 Shantou kids on the list. Shantou is Brady's SWI. The 2 girls were scooped up right away but the 4 boys still wait for families. Two of the boys have not even had a single request to look at their files. This just breaks my heart. These boys are so precious. I am particularly drawn to one. He is CL/CP like Brady and he was born the day before Brady. If China, CHI and Jeff would let me, I'd bring him home too (don't worry, NONE of those three would ever agree!) He is CUTE AS PIE and I really want to see 'Has A Family' next to his name. If you know of anyone hunting for their son, please let them know about CHI's list. There are a lot of gorgeous kids on that list that need families!

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LaLa said...

Come need virtual triplets : )