Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My little talker

AnnaClaire has just taken off with talking. Last night I said something at the dinner table and she said, 'what did you say?' If I sneeze she says, 'bless you mom' and then I always say ' thank you' to which she says 'welcome'. She climbed up in the chair next to Allie yesterday and said 'Hey Allie!' She's keeping us entertained. If we show her a picture of Brady, she says 'Brady Daniel'. Here are some pics of her being her rotten self. When I take a picture of her with the digital camera she always wants to 'see', so that is why she is reaching for the camera in one picture. In the other, she kept asking me to take off her dress but would fight me when I tried to pull it over her head. I could seriously eat her up.

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