Friday, March 26, 2010

Certified Birth Certificate has left the IL SOS office!

I started tracking the package last night when it was on it's way to Illinois. Fed Ex picked it up from the Fed Ex place at 6:01-only 2 minutes after I walked into the store. If you are the person I knocked down to get in there before 6:00, I apologize. I am sure you understand...mama bear and all. ;) Anyway, the package arrived in Springfield this morning and a few hours later Delores called to let me know that it had been processed but she was still more concerned that they couldn't find the first one. I told her it didn't matter and thanked her for helping me get it all straightened out. I fully expect a call in the next few weeks that she has found it because I think it has upset her more than it has me. LOL I just checked the tracking and the package is on it's way to Carol, our amazing courier in DC. I sent the other 11 documents to her today too. Now we just wait for USCIS approval to arrive so we can rush that through. Please pray that we have no paperwork issues. If everything goes well, we should have our dossier at our agency around April 6th or so. :)


Karen said...

Sounds like great timing to me!! Praying you meet (or better yet beat) your April 6 deadline.

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh everything is working out...I know you have nearly had heart failure BUT He is in control! Praying she is home oh so soon:)

Kimberlie said...

Just got your note over at my blog. Congratulations to you! Isn't it funny how we think we have our plans all laid out and then we stop to actually listen to God's plans?

I am glad things are finally getting on track for you. It took FOREVER for us to get our clearances from all the states we lived in (like 3 months of waiting) but our homestudy is finally done. Gotta love this new Hague stuff. Not!