Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lucy still needs a family

I posted about Lucy earlier this month.

I can't get her off my mind. My agency, ASIA, is the agency who has Lucy's file. The family who was to bring her home lives near me. We even used the same social worker. I feel connected to Lucy and my heart is burdened for her. Lucy still needs a family. She has a pretty severe heart issue and probably needs a heart transplant. She may not live a long life but doesn't she deserve to spend what time she does have here on this earth with a family of her own? Lucy needs a family that is DTC to come forward to adopt her. She's doing well now but needs care that she can't get in China. She needs to be here to get the care she needs. Please join me in praying for little Lucy. And if you feel that you might be her family please contact Marci @

You can read more about Lucy on ASIA's blog

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The Byrd's Nest said...

Praying Lisa....these are those moments I wish I was DTC....praying for the Lord's hand upon her until the family steps forward.