Thursday, March 25, 2010

So THAT's why they tell you to order additional copies!

I've been calling the Illinois Secretary of State to try and find out what's the hold up with Jeff's birth certificate. Today everyone I talked to told me they couldn't help me and transferred me. Of course, the final destination was someone's voice mail. I was surprised to actually get a call back this afternoon and the lady (Delores) told me that it takes 7-10 business days to get them processed. I told her this was day 9 and she said it hasn't gone out yet but probably would Friday or Monday. When I got off the phone I prayed. Mostly for the ability to continue to trust God and if it was His will to somehow have that birth certificate sent out today. I truly believe those prayers prompted Delores to look around for our package because she called me back and told me that the stuff that had arrived on the 12th (same day as us) had been processed and ours wasn't included. She asked a bunch of questions and said she'd look some more and call back. She actually called back a few times. We know they received the package because it was signed for but it's now MIA. I finally asked if I overnighted her a new birth certificate, could she process (ie. staple a piece of paper to it) tomorrow and get it sent back out. She agreed so I rushed to get a new package ready and made it to the Fed Ex store at 5:59-only one minute to spare. Please pray that it gets there and that she gets it and processes it tomorrow like she said she would. I went ahead and put our courier's address on the return airbill so it will go straight to her. I'll mail the rest of our dossier (minus the approval) to her tomorrow. Now I can relax for 10 minutes before I have to clean my house for the SIX interior shots my agency wants us to send. ACK!


Karen said...

Oh no!!!!!!! So good that you called and that the lady was willing enough to hunt for Jeff's birth certificate. How wonderful that you had ordered an extra one. We will be in so much trouble if one of ours gets lost since I only ordered one. Yikes!!! Something else to worry about. Praying that the birth certificate goes out to the courier tomorrow afternoon! I might run into your papers at the State Dept and embassy next week:-)

LaLa said...

How great that someone actually cared! Glad you had that extra copy : )

The Byrd's Nest said...

You crack me are a woman in a mission! Obviously, a serious mission bringing that precious angel home but nonetheless you are taking charge girlfriend! You rock!